Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Things I Do

1. I meet people. These days, I don't meet a lot of my people, but I try not to drop off the map entirely. I keep meeting my father who keeps coming to Calcutta for a couple of very good reasons.

2. I learn to answer questions that my six year-old son dreams up. I'm not very good at this because I don't know much about reptiles or ghosts or cars but I try to keep up.

3. I tell stories. To Rahul mostly, and these days, once a week on Friday mornings, I tell stories to some kids at a slum school. Both kinds are very rewarding: Rahul thinks my stories are fantastic (even when they aren't, really); and the schoolkids are sweethearts who greet me with cheers and hug me goodbye.

4. I sew. Of late I've embroidered little dresses and right now I'm trying to learn to crochet. Nobody ever warned me you need extra fingers, maybe a whole extra hand, for the latter.

5. I iron my own clothes and these days I iron little uniforms. It's funny how I never really liked my son's school uniform (too blah) until he started wearing it last month. When he wears it, somehow it looks adorable.

6. I teach my son to spell. And count, and read. I encourage him to draw and think for himself and take responsibility and play fair. I listen to his stories which are remarkable for their clarity of thought and logic and narrative flow.

7. I try to forgive. I try to learn from my own mistakes and remember that I can throw no stones. I try to forget but I'm having no luck with that. Maybe it's too soon.

8. I give thanks every single day of my life for the happiness and health of those who matter to me. I do this because I live in a land where I am one of the truly rich and it's in my face all the time.

9. I keep trying to save us money. I spend time being such a scrooge, I need help learning to enjoy the money we do have, which is a pity, because it's not as if I'm saving us a fortune anyway.

10. I read horoscopes. I forget them even as I read, so I probably shouldn't even bother, but I read them anyway.

11. I make lists. And tick them off. I do this every time we have a party, and when we're expecting guests. I make shopping lists and lists of errands and lists of things to pack and lists of people to call and sometimes I lose those lists and my life goes haywire. I should learn to depend more on my memory and less on the written word!

12. I am currently traumatised by all the lingerie ads popping up at me online. They give me panic attacks and I shut my computer down.


S S said...

I miss your posts Sunayana!
When I was living at home they created an ideal home space for me (something to do with my inexplicable attachment to Kolkata, maybe)and now that I am away from home (and glad about it) I still like to touch base. Fascinating cocoons that Cancerians can weave huh! (I know you are one)

Hope you're well!


Saya said...

I miss your posts too.

mim said...

there is a fantastic pun lurking about sewing sues -- i cant quite find it, but.

the least i could do is a silly ditty

sue sews shoe soles on the seashore --

say that 10 times real fast, i tell you -- that should make point number 13.

Sue said...

Skendha -- Yes, I'm one and I hope you're well too. :)

Saya -- Well, I'm back. Stay tuned, especially next month.