Wednesday, May 08, 2013


There was a young woman in a mall today who was turning heads wherever she went. Whether it was the clickety-clack of her shoes or her pretty blue saree or her bright red nails pulled into focus by the big flecks of red in her cocktail ring (which she made great play with, to be sure) -- wherever she went, people looked up, turned around and stared. Me, I heard her being told she really should lose some weight.

Yes, maybe she has weight to lose. But she will never be this pretty, this young, this attractive, this age, ever again. Maybe he should learn to appreciate what he's got instead of constantly thinking of what she isn't. When she was thinner, she was lean because she was under-fed, she was wiry because she was over-worked.


Do you know what she really thinks? She thinks it would be wiser of him to remember that he's not the only person with ideals.


Lorraine May O'neill said...

I agree. People rarely ever appreciate what they have in front of them, and usually focus more on the other person's flaws rather than the good stuff. I hope that woman finds someone who'll appreciate her just as she is, and I hope you've already found that person for yourself as well.

Sue said...

Lorraine -- I hope you find it too.