Saturday, May 25, 2013

Birthday week plus first workshops

Two special birthdays this week (happy birthday to them both -- I didn't forget and I never do).

Rahul has been going for his first ever workshops. Yesterday IQ stimulation thingie seemed a bit juvenile and he was a little bored when I walked in, in the second hour. Today's cookery workshop was a completely different story although I wish he would stop telling complete strangers what to do and then end it with "my mother says".

I know, you're thinking his mother does say and she's always telling complete strangers what to do too.

These are busy days. More later.


Anonymous said...

Make this boy watch some cookery programmes.
And what's wrong with 'my mamma says'?
Think 'bout it,that's a clever line :)

Sue said...

Anon -- Not if the saying in question is something quite embarassing! He used to watch Junior Masterchef with me.