Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Because You Loved Me

I was watching some Celine Dion videos. Rahul had been banished from my room a couple of hours ago because he wouldn't let me work.

He saw the door open because I was on my coffee break and crept in. Under the pretext of allowing him to listen to the music with me I pulled him onto my lap and sneaked in a cuddle. He cuddled back and asked to hold my hand.

I'm trying to convince myself he didn't want to grab my hand just to keep me from switching tabs.

However, as things stand, I can say we held hands and watched a lovely song together.

Having a child get almost too old to cuddle is the kind of thing that calls for a sad smiley.



Gunjan said...

I have a six month old and I am getting a feeling he is growing up too soon. He squirms and wriggles when cuddled too long. I think this calls for a sad teary eyed smiley then?

Sue said...

Gunjan -- Your comment made me smile, you know. I think Rahul has been provoking remarks and posts like mine (and your comment) since he was a baby too so perhaps we're both wrong. Maybe they'll need cuddles much longer than we think!

s2001 said...

mine is 11 now and still needs hugs almost everyday: ) though some of them are to bribe me at times but most are genuine out of his love for his mom.