Friday, March 08, 2013

Women's Day 2013

This Women's Day

Take responsibility
For your health
For your safety
For your speech
For your city, your state, your country

Choose not to judge
Others -- you don't know the whole story and you may never do so
Yourself -- because if you don't cut yourself some slack nobody else will either

Trust yourself
Your education
Your morals
Your taste
Your intuition

Go green(er)
Reconsider and re-evaluate your use of plastic, paper and water.

Because Women's Day is not just about getting thinner, fitter or more attractive to the men in our lives, as the idiot ads try to tell us; it is in fact about us contemplating our roles as the women of this world.


Pritam Kumar said...
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Nandita said...

Thanks Sue, I have been a long time reader and really love your posts for the honesty, insights and humor. This post is really close to my heart, just about everything you mentioned is what I want to do as a woman and mother!

dipali said...

Makes sense, the Sue!

Posting Load and Truck said...

Very very nice! Love you lots.

Sue said...

Nandita -- I wish I had a 'like' button for your comment. Thanks. :)

Dipali -- Yep!