Thursday, March 07, 2013

Two Months: An Update

January and February were both busy. One had me rushing home from a holiday in Vizag to get into the thick of Dialoge 13 with Sasha Waltz and Guests at Jorasanko Rajbati. It was an Experience, not least because of all the sewing I did and design tips I picked up but also because it was so intense, so focused a week that it felt a great deal more packed than the eight-day period it actually was. Following hard on the heels of Ciudades Paralelas, this left me drained.

No sooner did I breathe, look around me a little, than I found myself producing (producing!) 'Tea with Jane Austen' for The Red Curtain. That took up February and entailed much running around, some more sewing and a lot of working out of design quirks. As a production it was perhaps not perfect but I'm pretty proud of it, not least because we put it together in roughly a fortnight.

And now it's March. My parents are in town. Baba has a ear infection, Ma a bad toothache, Vicky one of his worse colds and Rahul... well, Rahul and I have minor colds and we are keeping it that way. At least the two of us recognise the futility of spending our days being sick!

These two months have been packed. I've made new friends. Proved myself at work (I made mistakes but I chalk those up to experience.) Shuktara and I finally had that moment when she directed and I produced -- it was special. Rahul is on a more even keel. Studying as little as ever but less troubled by the conflict at home.

That conflict at home... I can feel myself being drawn kicking and screaming to a decision. It's not the choice I want to make, so I'm making it really slowly. I'm taking a step forward and a step and a half back, many days. But I'm starting to see a decision on the horizon. HOWEVER I will take my own bloody time getting there, thank you.

Had a moment with the mother-in-law the other day. It's a pity things are how they are because she and I, well, neither of us really changes and underneath the bitterness I don't think she ever really has been able to hate me. Not before, not now.

It's been two months of hard work and long hours and troubleshooting. I plan to spend March lazing around in bed reading new books, maybe doing the easy crosswords, some Jumbles, munch on things that I shouldn't munch (I lost a couple of kilos when I wasn't looking). I've been buying occasional flowers for the house and in general doing the little things that make me happy. Life could be a lot worse than it is right now.


Anonymous said...

Read this Sue,you'll feel better.If possible leave a comment on that blog too.It made me count my blessings .

Sue said...

Anon -- Thanks!

palsworld said...

Such a lovely concept - Tea with Jane Austen. Loved, loved, loved it. Get it to Mumbai please!

Thinking Cramps said...

Hey, someone's been sue-per busy! Felt good to hear the "up and about" feeling in this post. A big hug to you!

dipali said...

Missed your posts, Sue.
Good to see you chipper!

Sue said...

Pallavi -- If somebody paid us, I know we'd be happy to travel with it. It was a commissioned production.

Ana -- Thanks so much.

Dipali -- :)