Monday, January 28, 2013

Soooo goood!

As I type, I'm sitting at my desk occasionally digging my fork into the mixed berry linzers next to me.

Nutty sent me a batch of these, and a lemon syrup cake, via Sinamon, for a Christmas gift.

Here is why I'm writing this post: every so often I think to myself, I'm biased. Monika's a good friend of mine, as is Nutty. The thought of the gift in itself gives me the warm fuzzies and I love lemon cake. (And now, mixed berry linzer.) I probably dig into them when I'm hungry and anything would taste good. Every so often I tell myself these things. That they couldn't really be that delicious.

But you know what? They are. The lemon cake and the berry linzers are sublime. And because they were so beautifully packed, I got to see and admire them in all their beauty even becfore eating them.

I've been hearing about Sinamon's bakes for so long now, and I know Monika knows her food, but nothing, nothing at all, prepared me for how good this stuff is.

*goes back to the fork business*


Anonymous said...

i love your posts simply because they are so well-written. this was simple, but reminded me of the munchies i love when i am reading. achaar, imli, chanachur go well with jane austen and jeffrey archer alike. sublime auto-reflex & simple joys. life's good in moments like these :)

Sue said...

Anon -- Bhujia and Narnia are linked for life in my head. Food and reading should always go together. :)