Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sending up thanks

... for Dipali. Not because she took on an errand I could have squeezed into my schedule tomorrow but because having somebody randomly do something just because they could is something I treasure.

My friends bestest. All of them.

Now to figure out a place to store 25 litre cartons of carrot juice.

(Also sending up thanks for boundless optimism, Georgette Heyers and not having to cook, clean or keep house any longer.)


S S said...

Hey Sue

Friends are amazing! I didn't get the bit about Georgette Heyers? If it's just me being ignorant beyond tolerable limits, then ignore me but I'd quite like to know!


Thinking Cramps said...

What will you do with all that carrot juice? :)

Did you move houses again? Wow. But this one looks like a good move. Especially the Georgette Heyers part of it!

Sue said...

Skendha -- Georgette Heyers are some of my favourite reading at difficult times.

Ana -- We moved to my grandfather's house in November. It's a much larger place and comes with its own problems, but it does have its compensations! Come over when next you're in town.