Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter is coming.

Soon the men of Kolkata will go to work wearing their v-neck sleeveless sweaters knitted in elaborate cable stitches and whathaveyous by their womenfolk (the unlucky ones will wear ugly store-bought versions of the garment) and the women will go to work covered in their pretty wool shawls carefully chosen each morning to match or coordinate with their outfit for the day.

Vicky will catch one of his awful colds.

Rahul will wear socks at home.

I will also wear socks at home.

I am glad we are no longer in Kalikapur now that it's getting colder. Last winter there was one of the most miserable winters of my life. I spent a good month with the heater on (and paid the price for it, literally, when the bill came home to roost). I remember spending the day huddled up in bed trying to get a little warmer.

Moore Avenue can also be very cold. However, I shall be better prepared and I have my socks!


Radhika Mohandas said...

Cold anywhere north of Mumbai is cold. Mumbai, naah- we have everything (sans rain) in moderation!
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Sparx said...

I'm wearing socks at home all the time now - in fact I'm wearing them, rather un-sexily, in bed these days!!!

Sunita said...

Oh its getting cold in Pune too and I love dressing up the kids in layers of clothes and make style and colours gel on the go :).

I don't have much a wardrobe in terms of winter wear so stick to the basic greys and blacks. And ofcourse can't stack layers over the layers of excess fat already.