Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Quick Notes

1. We have moved to Moore Avenue. The upkeep of two households was becoming too much for my parents so early this year Vicky offered to shift here, keeping the place running and so on. I'm excited to be living here after twenty-two years, but it's not all joy. However, I don't mean to complain.

2. We are surviving on extremely erratic internet. Which is to say, Vicky has the 'net and I come online for a quickie browse in the wee hours. Which sounds delightfully scandalous but is actually very tiring especially when you consider I am also browsing for work in that time!

3. Rahul's school commute is a good 20 minutes longer each way now. This gives us more time to ourselves in the mornings but also tires him out a bit more. The good news is, there is another child at the bus stop and they seem to like one another.

4. I have been making major changes in my thinking and household. Things are in flux -- the changes are still very new -- but so far, so good. I will blog about this another time, when I am not yawning so widely.

5. Which is worse: giving greater focus to the spouse or to the young child? Assuming it's impossible to stay evenly balanced all the time and both are demanding in their own ways?

6. Rahul is a very funny kid. I would imagine all kids are funny but I know I wasn't. I was earnest, sober and rather pi. Rahul on the other hand is a barrel of laughs. His beam is infectious and he knows it. It is a pity that he doesn't believe me when I tell him not to trust his Baba or Diddi (my mum). Both of them laugh at him all the time. I only laugh at him most of the time and it is me he doesn't trust. I tell him, I have known them both longer and better and if there is one thing I have learnt it is that they are both Bad People Who Laugh At One. He doesn't believe me though.

7. I hope you have ordered your copy of Y's Just Married Please Excuse. If you haven't, you really should. I finally bought and read my copy this weekend and it is a truly delightful read. The editor in me winced at a couple of sentences but the reader in me laughed out loud frequently and finished the book with a sigh of regret. It is not just for jollies either. I do not care to speculate which parts of the book are fiction and which pure fact, but the truth is that the narrator comes across as engagingly self-aware and, well, honest. If you read me you know I value that.

8. Elephants have giant, S-shaped penises. I have had to read that at least 5 times in recent weeks. Consider yourself lucky I'm inflicting it on you only the one time. And I'm not going into the details of their sex lives either.

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