Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wallowing in Luxury -- Maybe You Can Too

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Last Tuesday afternoon I had an invitation to treat myself to a therapy at The Four Fountains Spa on Theatre Road (Shakespeare Sarani) courtesy their publicity department. I was ambivalent about taking up the offer because I do not usually write such reviews, and when I asked around I found Kiran had also received a similar invitation in the past which never actually materialised. However, curiosity got the better of the Sue and last Tuesday saw me walking into their little office.

I was made welcome by the charming Sylvia who had also called ahead to confirm my appointment and give me directions. She explained my options, had somebody bring me a welcoming glass of water and then introduced me to my therapist, Shanti, who looked as calm and soothing as her name. The people at Four Fountains apear to take their aim of de-stressing and relaxation very seriously because the staff makes it a point to appear soothing and the ambience, with the smell of lemongrass in the air, makes you feel calmer as you step in.

I asked for the Bastar Mitti Body Wrap. I was taken up to a little air-conditioned room called Peace (I think) prettily done up in brown and gold and beige. I wish I had a photo of it to show you guys but you’ll get an idea from their website.

Shanti offered me a set of disposable underwear and left me to change. She came back with a bowl of heavy jasmine oil and a lot of sea salt. She then proceeded to use a combination of the two to literally polish my entire body, front and back. Polish me like I was a beloved piece of antique furniture.

You learn something new every day. That day I learnt having my tummy and soles polished makes me squirm with laughter – it tickles!

After a good half hour of being ruthlessly rubbed I was sent for a shower and a change of clothes in the tiny attached bathroom while Shanti quickly prepared the room for the next part of the therapy. I showered off all that salt and oil with plentiful hot water and bath gel.

I returned to the bed, now covered by a large sheet of plastic, and had a cold mud pack slathered all over me. Shanti then tucked me up in that sheet of plastic, much as I once swaddled a baby Bhablet, covered me with a large bathing towel for extra warmth and marginal respectability I imagine, placed cotton pads soaked in rosewater or some such thing over my eyes, and left me to stew for the next 20 minutes. This part was less enjoyable because the plastic was itchy and I soon got annoyed with the pads over my eyes and had to blink them away. I sent a mental apology to my son for doing similar things to him when he was a baby.

When I was about ready to get off the bed, plastic and all, Shanti returned and liberated me. Another shower, a return to my own clothes, liberal moisturisation and I felt like a newly minted me. No exaggeration.

When I went downstairs once more Sylvia at the reception offered me a cup of green tea while she took me through a questionnaire designed to work out my stress levels. She also gave me some discount coupons for nearby coffeeshops as I left.

What I really liked:
1. The courtesy of the staff. They appeared to treat all visitors with equal warmth and attention. Shanti and Sylvia in particular were both very comfortable to deal with. At no point was I hurried or nudged into something I did not want.

2. The ambience. From the colour scheme to the well-appointed rooms to the plentiful toiletries and thick towel, everything spelled comfort.

What I did not enjoy:
1. My bathroom was a tiny space, set up so that I had to bathe standing against the frosted glass door with the light on me. Since Shanti cleared the room as I showered, this made me rather uncomfortable. A partially opaque door would solve the problem, or a realignment of the shower space.

2. That plastic wrap. It was stiff and itchy.

Now that you’ve read my story, here’s a chance to win a free therapy of your own at a Four Fountains spa near you. To enter the competition
a. Leave a comment to this post with a response to the thought “Does looking good make you feel good or does feeling good make you look good?
b. ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

This contest is open till  midnight Monday, 29 October 2012.

3 winners will be announced on the following Tuesday so don’t forget to check if your name is among them. If you win I will need some contact information!

(Please note that the choice of winners will be entirely at the discretion of The Four Fountains Spa personnel and cannot be contested once announced.)


Thank you for all your entries, humorous and serious, to The Four Fountains Spa giveaway. As you know, there were 3 free spa therapy vouchers for prizes. The winners are

S Rai, Bangalore



Congratulations you three! Please email me your postal addresses at sunayanaroy@gmail.com so that you can receive your free gift vouchers.


AA_Mom said...

feeling good makes me look good

Anonymous said...


Feeling good always makes me look good but on some days, looking good can help me feel good to a certain extent.

Anonymous said...

Feeling good makes me look good. A good workout, a long soak in the bath or a nice cup of ginger tea makes me feel good no matter what state of mind I started with. And that immediately translates to a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes and makes me look happy and good!

S Rai,Bangalore

nidhi14jan (at) yahoo (dot) com

Unmana said...

Feeling good makes me look good.

Feeling good should make me happy and confident and so make me look good too.

If it doesn't I don't care -- I'm feeling good already, aren't I?

Dana said...

Interesting. On the surface i would say both are true and they are, but digging deeper, both beg the question how do you feel? Which means you get to spend at least a second of your extra busy life indulging in me- to re-assess. And there is your answer : Me-time is key to feeling good or re-adjusting things so that you are feeling good/looking good.

And lets face it if you can take the time to tweak things so you can feel joy, you are going to look radiant. And if you are not quite in the spot where you can feel it, getting yourself to look gorgeous usually does the trick of getting you a joy high.

The question is can you and do you make time for me-time? (clearly, by 'you' I mean 'I')

Poppins said...

In my youth I would have thought that looking good makes me feel good but now I know better. Looking good as in dressing for parties etc only makes me expect more stuff and then I end up being unhappy. So definitely feeling good..makes me act good - looking good is maybe a happy side effect.

Galadriel said...

First of all, I really liked the review. It was straightforward, honest and of course, in your own inimitable style. Loved your mental note to baby Bhablet:)

And as to the question:

The entire concept of looks is interestingly both intrinsic and extrinsic. It is my humble observation that generally, we feel good when other people think we look good!

Illustrating with two examples:

1.It is a universally acknowledged fact that a hair-cut is an instant mood lifter( unless of course,the hairstylist gave you a mohawk when you wanted a bob)

Hence, a simple change in one's look can add a spring in one's step,but a few compliments for it will definitely get one sprinting!:)

2.I have never been a fan of hers but in my humble opinion, Aishwarya Rai has never looked happier. Here is a woman who is obviously elated at being a mum and who has finally let herself feel really good,focussing on her child and her comfort instead of catering to the superficial demands of paparazzi for the post-pregnancy-yet-size zero-and-stilleto-weilding hot mamma!

But of course,does she look good to the zillions of her so-called fans even though she is feeling good?

Thus, in the final analysis,our beauty AND our happiness are ironically in the eyes of the beholder.:)

d said...

answer 1.
if i win the free therapy, i'll go to the spa and then look good AND feel good. i will also feel very good that i won. with all that looking and feeling good, i won't worry about whether the chicken came first or the egg. i'll just enjoy both :)

gouri said...

It's winning this contest that will make me feel good, look good, act good, do good! The words "Bastar mitti" made my decadent self wake up and salute, Sue! ...But for now, back to my work, that makes my bank account look good and feel good.

palsworld said...

Feeling good definitely makes me look good. After all, inner beauty will stay with me for life while outer beauty will fade after a while.

dipabali said...

feeling good is the key to looking good. If I'm stressed out or depressed I don't like looking at myself in the mirror at all. Makes me feel fatter than usual and ugly.

Iftekhar Ahsan said...

Feeling good is most important. Coz a radiant persona will outlast the impressions of a pretty face.

Sreetama Ray said...

i love spas. love love love. eta to hebby!

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Looking good makes me feel good. Even if I'm in a foul mood, if I wear some make up and put on a nice dress with some heels, my mood lifts.
Feeling good can make one sit in ratty clothes and not care how you look!

Aneela Z said...

Whatever gets me the hamper honey! Though I know what everyone is looking for is whatever makes them feel good about themselves and kindness and goodwill towards all big and small will naturally follow.
Now where do I collect my free voucher?