Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tumi baaje

Tumi kaalke amar schooler bondhu ke lathi diya merechhile.

(You're bad. Yesterday you hit my schoolfriend with a stick.)

Favoured visitors and startled grandparents are regularly informed that I'm a bad mother and beat him up. The ways in which I do this are highly inventive. Apparently I slap him awake every morning and sometimes I just come out of the blue and smack him silly and yet other times I scare him so much he doesn't ever want to live with me.

You would have to be looking into his face to see the unrepentent twinkle in his eyes and only then might you realise that he is lying his little ass off. Sometimes, even then you have your doubts. Why, after all, would a child say such things about his mother of all people?

Because, and I cannot stress this too highly, not everybody is Rahul Niyogy. He doesn't do the things you might expect him to do (or not do).

Speaking for myself, I am highly relieved we do not live in countries where children are apparently taken away from their parents on suspicion of beatings.


S S said...

Dear Sue

Sympathies, wholehearted and infinite, are extended to you. But as you rightly recognised, I am a non-card holding member of the Bhablet fan club so... with mute appreciation for his deeds exists a sense of wonder as to what does lie ahead.
The startling image of you beating schoolchildren with a stick is... well.. enough on its own. Have you had any dreams about that yet?

Much love,

Sue said...

Dear Skendha,

Dealing with Bheblu leaves me mostly too exhausted to dream. Thank you for your sympathy, I think!


Mama - Mia said...

hahaha! whatte rockstar baccha he is! :)

Sue said...

Abha -- Rockstar is not the word I'd use, you know!