Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pujo 2012

Pujo was something of a damp squib last year. I don't have a single nice photograph from then and offhand I cannot remember too many happy memories either. I had promised myself to do it better this year. Rahul stayed with us for a change and we move house after Pujo this year, not just before.

It started off quietly. A Panchami lunch at the newly opened Wasabi on the Prince Anwar Shah Connector (the food was decent, service more enthusiastic than efficient), another on Shashti at the Jimmy's Kitchen at Landmark. On Shashti evening Vicky and Rahul walked down to the Kalitala Sporting Club pujo behind our home to see the lights. I had sewed my mekhla-sador from our Assam trip all afternoon, so I put it on and went to meet them there. Seeing the crowds and hearing the bheNpoos finally made me feel more the thing. Rahul and I returned home so he could eat his dinner (homemade pasta in cheese sauce) and then we took an auto to Selimpur where we had ice cream, soft drinks and ghugni and chatted with Kaka and Tinku.

On Saptami evening the three of us drove down to Triangular Park. I wore a pista green saree with a matching cotton halterneck blouse from an earlier Pujo. We parked Ally right in front of the mela entrance and Rahul and Vicky had a ride on the 'dragon boat'. We walked down to Panditiya where we saw a couple of pandels including the Tibetan show on Manohar Pukur Road. Thanks to my Gourangamama we had VIP passes to this one and Deshapriya Park. Rahul got his introduction to ice gola at Deshapriya Park. He loves ice lollies and now loves these too. We ate Sweetmoon Bakeshop apple cake and chilli chocolate mousse at Ta'aam before heading back to the Traingular Park mela so that Rahul could ride on the car rides. We were home before 10 pm and in fact, the Pujo traffic was kind to us.

Early on Ashtami morning Rahul and I drove down to Kumartuli to see pandels there with Dana, Katy and Sumit. We had a fun morning wandering up and down Kumartuli and Sobhabazar. We got home around half past eight and after breakfast (dosa-podi for me, cheese dosa for him) and some R&R we went to Lake Gardens around 11 am for the anjali. He participated in his first anjali too, and not surprisingly, spent most of the prayer time keeping an eye out for his friend Zubin and another one on a cat in the vicinity. Oh and he also tried to filch some of the flowers to take home. I wore my Kerala set saree to the anjali, with my gold chandelier earrings from, where else, Kerala Jewellers.

We picked up chilli chicken and fried rice from Annapurna (oh how I miss the takeout of Lake Gardens). We both napped that afternoon because the evening promised to go on till late too. We were invited to dinner at DrD's. Rahul and I drove down earlier, before 8. Vicky had work and would join us later. Manashi and I walked down to the Golf Green Phase II pandel (fascinating work and atmosphere). We returned with popcorn and candyfloss for the four kids back home -- Rahul, Ratul, Chinky and Amrita, daughter of friends of theirs. It was well past midnight and after an evening of starters, biriyani, beer and wine, I finally drove us home. It was a nicer evening than I'd hoped for and for once I spent more time with the adults than the kids.

Nabami was quieter, as we recovered from all the partying. Rahul and I took a bus down to Selimpur and Jodhpur Park in the evening. We saw the lights and he had a mango ice lolly as well as an orange gola while I picked up momos and chowmein for dinner. The crowds were scary so we soon headed back home. In the wee hours though, Shuki (back from her holiday) and Dana and I met up to go pandel-hopping. We drove through Bhowanipore, chatted over tea at the new coffeeshop in front of the Mudiali pandel and stopped at the beautiful Kerala temple at Bangur Park before going home as the sky lightened. I stayed up to bake brownies for Vicky -- it's his birthday today on Dashami -- and let the maid in.

Dashami has been quiet. I didn't go for sindoor-khela this year either. I no longer feel like I belong there. I made spaghetti with meat sauce for lunch and threw together things from the freezer for dinner. My tiredness caught up with me so I spent the day napping intermittently and alternately teasing and cuddling Rahul.


Sachinky said...

Yay for Annapurna chilly chicken! : )

Subho Bijoya!

Pratiti said...

Vicky shares his birthday with my dad. :)

utbtkids said...

Sue, hats off to you. I can never do any of what you mentioned.

I put up my golu, invited ppl in two batches for sindoor. I am DONE.

In fact I let the husband pack the dolls hoping he will be his clumsy self and break a few and it will be less set up for me next year. Hmmmp, no such luck.

Sue said...

Sachinky -- Always. Also, biriyani from the footpath at Lord's. If ever you and I meet, we shall go on an eating tour.

Pratiti -- Happy belated birthday to your father. :)

Utbt -- LMAO You must understand, I can't bear to be home during Pujo. It makes me antsy. If I'm home it better be because I'm resting between outings.