Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Should Have

1. Had Rahul later.

2. NEVER allowed Vicky to convince me to move in with his parents.

3. Trusted my own judgment a great deal more.

4. Learnt to cook when I was younger.

5. Stayed in the workforce whether I liked it or not.

6. Gone for my singing classes.

I am glad though that I

1. Do have Rahul.

2. Don't have to deal directly with my mother-in-law or brother-in-law any more.

3. Am trusting my judgment now.

4. Am learning to cook and bake.

5. Worked in some way every single month, whether paid or volunteered.

6. Still have a voice I'm not ashamed to raise in public.

In future I plan to trust my judgment even more. If I think somebody is lying, odds are I'm right. If I think somebody needs me, I should go to them no matter what they indicate. If I think something or somebody is a lost cause, I will give them up like I want to. If I think I'm jobless I will find myself work or know the reason why.


hack said...

I love this post. And I agree with the trusting your judgement, part. I wish I had done the same. One thing I have recently learnt is that when something works, it is simple with a capital S. If you are constantly second-guessing yourself, and trying to convince yourself that things are okay, then it's NOT okay. I am glad that you can articulate all of this so precisely.

MinCat said...

that trusting judgement thing? it's the best thing about growing up =) sometimes i think only good thing, but that's just hormones lol

dipali said...

Way to go, Sue!

Mama - Mia said...

why did i stop reading blogs? especially yours Sueness! :)

isnt it lovely to realize that you can actually trust yourself to do the right thing? or even if you dont always get it right, you have it in you to take care of it anyway! :)

i am so done with being worried about what others think of me. it just isnt worth the trouble!


starry eyed said...

I think that's why the 30s rock...I realise more and more that I was right all along.

You do it exactly the way you want it. It always works out best that way.

Sue said...

Hack -- That's quite true. Second-guessing is a mug's game.

MinCat -- Nah, growing up is all good from where I'm looking.

Dipali -- Thank you :)

Abha -- Missed you. I am trying to believe more in myself. I need to bring back the What Would Sue Do philosophy!

Starry -- I feel a bit foolish for falling for all the lies, but ah well, it's done. Now to move ahead.