Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Turning 6

Rahul hasn't taken too many calls willingly today, but every call that he has consented to take was answered with a, "Hello, happy birthday, yes, I am 6 now."

Sometimes, I just know he is my son.

This growing up business is a tricky proposition for a Babu like Sue.

I look at him shooting onwards and upwards, learning to use bows and arrows, rifles and dinner knives, cook and bake, play with Lego and Meccano and I am content that he is on the right track.

And then I see him fast sleep, relaxed at last, my beautiful little boy who hungers for more pets and more plants and more family and more friends (and indeed, more TV and more chocolate) and I resent how fast the years are taking my baby away from me into this ever-widening world.

And then there are those countless times when I see him dwa-a-a-adling over his food and letting his shyness make him rude to strangers, clinging to me when I need to be elsewhere and whining at me when I want to work or nap and I just wish he would hurry up and grow older faster!

Happy birthday, baby. And yes, I'll be calling you that when you are a grandfather and quite tired of telling me not to do so.


MRC said...


Happy Birthday, to your baby :D

Mine is just about half the age of yours , but what you've written resonates with me too. Specially when I write this comment while urging Artim to "FINISH YOUR MILK" , and get a very matter of fact "why?" in return !

And the "baby" business, thankfully he's not old enough to be embarrassed by it , yet :D

palsworld said...

Happy 6th Birthday to the Bhablet. Hope there was a nice birthday party :)

Sri said...

Happy birthday to Rahul!

I could completely empathise with this sentence-"I just wish he would hurry up and grow older faster!"

My daughter is just 3 years old and i already feel like that!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Beautifully, beautifully, beautifully written, Sue. Just beautiful!!

Happy birthday to my favourite Bhablet!

wehearttravelling said...

Happy Birthday to your boy :)

Sue said...

I'm late, but thank you for your kind wishes, MRC, Pallavi, Sri, M4 and WeHeartTravelling.