Friday, August 31, 2012

Parent much? Then you want to check these two out.

The Parent Rap

Chronos and Kairos

The article actually seems a little mistitled. It describes how I spend my days (I imagine more of us have these days than the breathless 'live every moment' kind) but I would say I carpe my diem. I seize my day, you see, not the moment.


~nm said...

The blog post was just too good!!

Choxbox said...

Loved the Chronos and Kairos post.

dipali said...

I think we need to do that in every day-to-day relationship: marriage, being a child, being a parent, being a sibling........there are always those magic moments to cherish in the midst of the quotidian and the humdrum and the downright ugly.

Subhashree said...

The Chronos and Kairos post is so true. One can dream and hope for more Kairos in a day.

Rap was hilarious. I wonder where you find such gems :)

Sue said...

~nm -- I agree.

Choxbox -- I thought it would appeal to you. :) But mistitled, wouldn't you say?

Dipali -- That is a very valid point. It is also in keeping with something else I try to remember as Rahul grows older, i.e. my relationship with him needs as much care and respect as that of mine with anybody else. SO MUCH WORK, this parenting business!

Subha -- A friend sent it to me on FB.