Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A stitch in time [would have saved me an hour]

Yesterday evening I sat and caught up on some of my sewing. I haven't touched it in months and still have lots left to tackle.

I had no choice. Vicky spent the better part of a holiday in a shirt safety-pinned down the front. When I went to fix that I realised the shirt actually doesn't have more than half its buttons and has an open hem all along the back. (And in this list I havn't mentioned the trousers with torn hems and missing buttons, nor Rahul's mending nor the cushion that lost its ties ages ago.)

I wonder what they do with their clothes.


Anonymous said...

wait for some sucker to fix it? Come on, please don't mother your husband- Indian men don't need it anymore.

Sue said...

Anon -- The shirt belongs to me, actually. But I do his mending. Like he fixes stuff I choose not to. Leave a name next time, anon comments remind me of trolls.

S S said...

Hi Sue

If I'd known anon comments reminded you of trolls I'd never have been anonymous on your blog comments.


P.S. the above person is not me :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't comment on the post where you spoke about writing again. My 'comment' would have just been this:



Sue said...

Skendha -- In general I prefer having a name to respond to, even if it's an assumed name. Thanks for leaving one. :)

Shuki -- I stopped writing soon after. It comes and goes.