Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blessings in Miniature

Last year, Vicky came home from a holiday with gifts for me. He always buys me stuff but this time the gifts included a little porcelain tea-set. I haven't put it on display and I certainly will not allow Rahul to play with it any time soon, but shall I tell you a little secret? The set is housed, with care and in layers of newspaper, alongside the rest of my chineware in storage. To me it is every bit as much 'my' household china as any other bowl or plate or cup I own and use.

When I was Rahul's age my father bought me a similar set that I used for years. It still survives, with a couple of cracks, carefully stored among my toys somewhere. I used to have dolls tea parties with sugar and water and biscuits. When Vicky bought me the second tea-set I felt that old excitement and found myself planning miniature cakes and sandwiches and tea. I may never hold another dolls tea party but I regularly plan some in my head.

Sometimes I feel so adrift from Vicky, so disconnected, so lost that I wonder why I live with him. And then I remember this is the man who packs my teddy bear in my luggage when I leave home for a month. Who buys me a dolls tea-set with as much understanding as he buys the matching graduated flan cases.


Sunita said...

Awwwwww!! How sweet is that now?

Sue said...

Sunita -- Pretty sweet :)

Swaram said...