Friday, June 15, 2012

I don't want to go to school

Says the boy, "I do not like staying away from you and Baba."

That would have touched our hearts if it were not for the fortnight he recently spent away from us in Delhi or that he is spending his evenings, nights and mornings with Giga in Moore Avenue this week.

As it was we burst out laughing in his face. And he joined us.


Anonymous said...

He's awesome like!Wish I could've come up with these excuses when I had to, my parents might've believed me! They subscribed to the theoretical stomach aches after all! ;)
Cheers Bhaeblu Babu!

Sue said...

Bheblu Babu's parents didn't believe him, you know!

Anusha Subramanian said...

:)"Short and sweet" post.A reallly chweet post- i should say!

My son too says he cries in school because I am not around. But he entertains himself for hours and sometimes days together happily with the plethora of grandparents (including extended family of cousins)with no thought of me or home!!!

Sue said...

Anusha -- Mini manipulators :)