Saturday, June 09, 2012

The cup and the lip

Yesterday a woman called me from Johnson & Johnson, asking if I would be comfortable answering a few questions on sanitary napkins.

I told her I don't use them.

For the second time, I heard a telemarketer laugh.

She probably thinks I'm past my menopause or something.

Actually, I use a menstrual cup. E got it for me over a year and a half ago and through trial and error (and a painful bout of infection) I have now reached the stage where I can go through an entire period using only the cup -- provided of course that I have easy access to clean bathrooms.

I was delighted to read this post on the Diva cup at IHM's last year. Not just because I was glad to see women discussing the alternative to sanitary napkins which I personally find quite uncomfortable but also because I hadn't known there was an affordable Indian version.

If you have any questions on The Keeper I'll be happy to answer them as best I can. If you haven't considered a menstrual cup I ask you to do so. They are easier to use than you think and I backed mine up with sanitary napkins until I was comfortable with the concept and usage of cups. A lot less trouble and mess than napkins, I can assure you.

(So, I know the title is rather juvenile. Indulge me.)

Update: Here is another user account.


Shaili said...

I quite like the title. :-)

Aathira Nair said...

I have personally debated many times about using the cup, but I am still unsure. Like you said, infection is one thing which I worry about.

Banno said...

Good for you, Sue. I had been looking for a menstrual cup for a few years, before I actually traced one distributor in Goa, thanks to a blog. In fact, sanitary napkins and tampons gave me infections and rashes, and using the cup has been a huge relief. It also makes so much sense, cleaner, cheaper, less garbage in the environment.

Sue said...

Shaili -- :)

Aathira -- Infections can be prevented by proper sluicing out (I probably had some soap left in the cup which caused the infection) and regular emptying especially in summer. No different from napkins in that sense except you don't have to deal with heat rash.

Banno -- You too? I love the company I'm keeping. :)

A and A said...

I have cup too I used it for a month and then my periods got all screwed up. I got my second one in 15 days(before it was 28 days). SO I stopped and was again in 28 days. Not sure if the cup played a role or something else. I'll try again for sure

Sue said...

A & A -- That's puzzling. The cup stays in your vagina so why would it affect your cycle? Do let me know if you try it again and the problem recurs because I'm interested in your feedback.

I have had other factors like stress and medication affect my cycle. Your best bet is to check with a gynae, of course. Mine was a bit clueless because she'd never even seen one of these but in general she was helpful on the subject of infections.

Suchismita said...

Banno, could you please mail me the distributor's number/address at I have been looking and looking, and never had any luck!

Anusha Subramanian said...

Oh my god! what a title!!! :D

The prospect of using the cup (hearing about it for the first time) is quite scary though!

Sue said...

Anusha -- What's so scary about it? It's actually fairly simple and very comfortable. Google it and see what other people say.