Monday, May 14, 2012

What was it like growing up in the '90s?

What was it like, being 3, 4, 5 years older than me and remembering when punch cards were actually used? Being old enough to be in love with Amir Khan before he became Aamir. To be a teenager when clothes were grunge and rap was young and people actually listened to Michael Learns To Rock? (You, of course, never did.)

Def Leppard was before my time and I actually grew up on the internet. But you had to depend on fat editions of Linda Goodman to know more about your sunsigns. I wrote letters, like you, but already it was a vanishing art. What was it like being only a few years older but almost a lifetime away from me?

By the time I caught on, tried to absorb more of your music (the 'good' stuff) and was old enough to insist on looser shirts and jeans that slouched, the styles were already changing and we were watching our fathers worry over Y2K.

You were old enough to watch a young(er) Amitabh Bachchan in the movie halls and young enough to think that '80s Hindi movie music was good. I made fun of you and told myself you were outdated before you were 20. This morning I was reading my Murakami and it hit me, that's a book from your time, not mine. Maybe, even then, you were cooler than I could comprehend.


Sreetama Ray said...

dada? khub shundore likhechhish. i grew up with myself and others just like me. We are all becoming outdated much too soon. Time is running at a frantic pace.

BTW, today's post on homestudio might be interesting to you. If you decide to make it, please amake bolish.

Sue said...

Older friends, actually. None of who read this blog, I think!

peccavi said...

Of course,
I was,
i mean!

Thinking Cramps said...
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Thinking Cramps said...

I grew up in the 90s, though I don't think I listened to MLTR or Def Leppard. Although I absorbed all my parents' favourite music - which is why I love old Hindi and Jim Reeves :) I discovered computers at age 16. And I wrote letters because those WERE the only way to communicate. I was proud of the letter paper I owned and hunted hours for the perfect stationery. I learnt how to fill every inch of space on the Inland letters and yellow postcards. Visited a post office yesterday and many thoughts of this sort came to mind. I think I should write a post about it!

Sue said...

Peccavi -- You could have fooled me. Oh wait, you did. :P

Thinking Cramps -- You didn't listen to MLTR? You pseudo '90s child you. :) I think I still have inland letters and stamps with my stationery somewhere. Please do write about 'it'.

Anonymous said...

I read you but don't know you IRL, so maybe don't classify :) but I'm even older than the children of your post: child of the 70s and 80s :)


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

What an awesome post! Yes, my dear Sue, we are a lifetime away from you. We still climb up light poles and throw one arm and leg out and say 'Pehla Nashaaaa' !!

Sue said...

M -- The kids of the '70s and '80s have already glorified their decades. The '90s still get a lot of flack though, wouldn't you say?

Preeti -- LMAO No, seriously? Awesome!