Thursday, May 17, 2012

Should I?

Should I wear false eyelashes?

Should I wear bright red lipstick more often?

Should I live up to my turquoise shoes?

Should I learn to braid my hair into intricate french braids?

Should I stop dressing only for comfort?

Should I... sing?

Would you recognise me if I did?


Itchingtowrite said...

Yes except false eyelashes

Sue said...

Itchy -- No? It would be fun, I thought!

Anonymous said...

Sure why not? Try them all and like most people you'll only continue the ones you actually like. Get decent false lashes though: the glue on some cheap versions is dangerous.


Holly Austin Smith said...

Your writing is great! I love it! You are an artist and a poet. :)

Sue said...

M -- My turquoise shoes take some serious living up to. The lashes, I really want to try big, obviously fake, dramatic ones someday.

Holly -- :) Thanks