Sunday, May 20, 2012


One morning some time ago I awoke from a frighteningly real nightmare. I woke up crying, unable to let go of the horror and pain. I cried and cried, louder and louder, unable to stop. Rahul came to see what was up and then ran off to get his father. Vicky held me while I cried, unable to tell him why. Rahul left the room.

Later I wondered how he could have left me crying like that. It was so unlike the protective little boy he is.

Repeatedly since then he tells me when we wish each other good night, to not have any bad dreams. And if I do, I must go to him and lie quietly holding him and the bad dreams will go away. Last night he was a tired little boy but before he fell asleep he told me yet again that I must go to him if I have nightmares.

I am starting to see why women lean on their sons. Sometimes, nobody can get you quite like a son.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a daughter can!

Sue said...

Anon -- Not quite the way a son can. Just as a son will never understand his mother's life the way a daughter can.

Madhavi said...

Aww! Rahul is a sweetheart!

Roopa Pavan said...

Good post..

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue

I'm not a Mother yet, just a daughter, so I suppose I'm not fully qualified to comment. But this reminds me of The White King in Through the Looking Glass... "I didn't say there was anything like it... "etc.
I would just like to think that maybe daughets and sons understand their mothers differently? Don't know. But normally one would have thought that a daughter understands her mother more. This is based on my personal experience, and seeing the families around me. Both offer complete experiences. Or equally unsatisfactory depending on one's luck.

But, I forgot to say something very important, which was: Rahul is an adorable little man :) God bless!

P.S. And I have been watching Satyamev Jayate!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

*Gives The Sue a very teary-eyed smile*

Shuktara said...

I'm pretty sure a daughter would have said something similar. I think it's a child thing as opposed to a son/daughter thing. (But this isn't to take away from how connected R is to you.)

Sue said...

Madhavi -- Sometimes he is, very much so. :)

Anon -- My brother isn't the best son you'll ever meet. But I can tell you in certain ways he can give my mother support that I never could. As a mother I begin to understand how different an experience this can be.

Keep watching. Whether we agree or not with the views aired, Aamir is discussing topics we need out in the open.

M4 -- You understand me, don't you? Because I don't think anybody else has! Hugs back.

Shuki -- A daughter's support is a different thing. My mother has both and that's how I see it. She reacts to my brother the way I react to Rahul. It's very different from how she reacts to me. Not better or worse, just different.