Friday, April 27, 2012

Nagging Worries

I bumped into this site on 'love languages' this morning. You may or may not know this about me: as a teenager I would take every test going and get my horoscope cast wherever I could. Something about this site woke those old feelings in me. Before I knew it I was merrily clicking along, waiting to discover my 'love language', whatever that may be.

It turns out that to me love is "Acts of Service". To quote the site, the words I most want to hear are, "Let me do that for you."

The site is quite right. Not for nothing does Vicky call me Princess. I myself have always felt that I was born to be served, not serve. My tragedy is that the world refuses to acknowledge this.

The other interesting thing the quiz pointed out even before the results were announced was that I don't much care whether Vicky tells me he loves me, praises me or buys me gifts. It's strange, because I always thought these things mattered greatly to me, but as I chose my answers I couldn't miss how in every given situation I would always prefer to have him do the chore himself rather than tell me how well I do it or how much he loves me for doing it. Strange, huh?

[Weird. I thought I posted this but I found it in my drafts. Stupid net conn.]


Aparajita said...

I tried it and it's not a very good quiz. Most of the questions are very similar and some of the choices aren't really choices. I like being and I like having things done for me and I like seeing if I can do things for the other person.
Nah, not strange. I think I would always value a partner more if he took over some of my chores rather than buy me gifts, it's my practical side, BUT on the other hand verbal and tactile affection are extremely essential for me. and not just from a spouse but in most close relationships, since it's how I was brought up- even at this age, between my parents and me, there's plenty of hugs and kisses and cuddles and indulgent talk. It's necessary to have somebody around who can let you be a baby and vice versa

Sue said...

It's just some internet rubbish but I'm glad you're clear on what you want out of life. Clarity rocks.