Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 in the morning

I'm up once more. I have been staying up nights for a while. Talking. Reading. Watching TV. Mostly just sitting around, my thoughts in a loop. Dreaming of other days, other worlds.

Some have changed and some remain. Love's not new but it's unutterably sweet when a little son falls asleep in my arms. And I tell myself, I'm lucky in this at least, it must suffice.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

*brushes away a tear*

Sreetama said...

The days fly by but the nights are getting more and more difficult, especially since I am awake till 4 and i can hear every secret night sound no one is supposed to hear.
today i heard the strays in my colony bark and howl as the municipality guys got them. Nobody to even turn to and say 'what are they doing".

hack said...

Hi, this is in reply to this post and the one before. I know this feeling, because I felt this way for such a long time till I came away: the love stayed, but I felt claustrophobic and resentful and such hate. I hope you figure things out in a way that works for you. Love.