Saturday, February 11, 2012

Having my say at Women's Web

Two announcements that are a tad late:

1. I was in the first ever podcast hosted by Women's Web. Click on to hear Amrita and I talking about celebrity mothers, doctors and pregnancies. (We laugh a lot, not surprisingly.)

By the way, 'Jammie was in the second. I think you should go hear her too, if only to start your Saturday right.

2. I also wrote about Kolkata as a tourist destination for parents travelling with children. If you are planning a trip to my city and wondering what you need to know, read this. I really like this series of articles, I think they are very useful for people like me who do travel a lot with the brat pack.


mim said...

double click...
finished both before i saw em here.
am so 2012.

Sue said...

MiM -- You and Aneela are the Quickgun Muruguns of my online world.