Thursday, February 09, 2012

Detecting A Giveaway: The Answers

Taken the quiz? Well, now you can see how you scored:
  1. Stephanie Plum (This female bounty hunter of part Italian, part Hungarian descent has a propensity to have things blown up, set on fire or otherwise destroyed when she is near.)
  2. Tuppence (Prudence Cowley wouldn’t give you two pence for tracking her down. If you’re still wondering where to look, you’ll find her by the pricking of your thumbs.)
  3. Emil Tischbein (Way back in the 1930s this young German lad found himself turning detective in Berlin when a stranger on a train made off with all his money.)
  4. Philip Marlowe (Hardboiled and philosophical, our man is not fazed by the big sleep of pornographers. Need another clue? He shares a surname with a colourful personality from Elizabethan England.)
  5. Nancy Drew (Born of Edward Stratemeyer, the many cases of this young girl detective and her friends Bess and George were famously filed by ghostwriters.)
  6. Miss Marple (Single and shrewd with it, this little old lady from St Mary Mead has a particularly sharp eye for the idiosyncrasies that characterise people.)
  7. Ellery Queen (This famous fictional detective has authored, anthologised as well as edited novels, short stories, anthologies and magazines from the 1920s to the ‘70s. Care to fit the hat on this Roman mystery?)
  8. Five Find-Outers (Guided by their F.A.T. leader, this merry band of children love uncovering mysteries, sometimes in disguise and almost always pitted against a Goon.)
  9. V I Warshawski (This half Italian lawyer-turned-detective loves her morning runs in the Windy City chill. While she’s no comforting old aunty, there’s nobody you’d rather have on your side when things are at a deadlock.)
  10. Tintin (First featured in Le Petit Vingtième this young reporter shares a country and its language with the older and equally renowned M. Poirot.)
  11. Kinsey Millhone (Occasionally associated with the California Fidelity insurance company, this female detective is famous for shooting her assailant from inside a dustbin.)
  12. Martin Beck (The ten books featuring this policeman not only set the tone for contemporary police literature but also relentlessly noted the changes seen in the social and political spheres of Sweden from the 1960s to ‘70s.)
We did the draw tonight and Rahul drew:
A & A

The second prize, the one whose rule I deliberately did not announce, was reserved for the person with the first set of entirely correct answers. The person who sent in the first set of correct answers did so in two shots so I'm giving this to the next person in line:


Funny how the winners of the Kay Woman books go by alphabet names themselves.

The Reluctant Detective by Kiran Manral

Congratulations, A & A, and M and thank you everybody for your enthusiastic participation. I have some more detective themed questions and answers sent in response to this quiz and that will be a separate post.

You can see Rahul drawing the name on Youtube. I can't upload that video on my current internet connection, sorry folks. It was funny, that's why I'd thought you'd enjoy it.


A and A said...

Thank you so much! I have sent you an email :)

Sreetama said...

ema! ididnt win :( I never win anything!!

Rimi said...

Oh, the answers were lovely! And now I have a few whole new series to read, which is the best outcome of quizzes like these.

I've just never, ever heard of Victoria Iphigenia. Had you? Or did you have help on that one?

Dea-chan said...

Oh man, how did I miss Ellery Queen? I've got a stash of the magazines!

Congrats to those who won -- and Sunny, you read an awful lot of mysteries! I'll have to look some of them up!

Sue said...

Rimi -- ADG mentioned her to me back in the BA years. Then I found my mother devouring the books from the Madras Gymkhana Club library. I've read books of all these detectives, wouldn't have used them if I hadn't.

Dea-chan -- I was introduced to all these folks and more through my mother and Vicky, who is a collector of noir writing.

Sue said...

A and A -- I hope you enjoy the book :)

Sreetama -- There's another giveaway of the same book happening here if you'd like to give it another shot. That one might be more your style, too.

AA_Mom said...

Congrats to all those who won!

You are one mystery novel person aren't. Once again great job Sue!

Sue said...

AA_Mom -- I'd read anything, and that's the truth. I've even tried reading books on mathematics.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fun competition and for the book. I keep forgetting to do so from home, and can't comment on this phone.

-- M