Saturday, February 18, 2012

The boy

... hums 'Blackbird' to himself as he plays.

... knows his Tintins better than most people I know.

... is starting to read and spell words out.

... replies to basic arithmetic queries (in English) with the correct Bengali responses.

... is thrilled with his evolving aquarium.

... wants to know how babies are made.

... showed the world his middle finger the other day.

... was caught saying "sheet" to himself. Tried to explain that children are allowed to say that, that it's only "shit" that is the bad word.

... speaks to Vicky as I speak to Vicky.

... is convinced the world loves him.

... stuck his wee hand into my uncle's aquarium the other day to capture the blue fighter fish so that his aunt (my cousin) could fry it for him like she had offered.

... never walks if he can run, jump, skip or hop.

... carries Krittika the (soft toy) kitten around with him everywhere.

... is getting over his aversion towards "gerls".

... thinks his Didi (my mum) looks "shundor" when she wears a saree around the house. But I am expected to wear Westerns.

... plays Cut The Rope.

... depends on his "Magic Moshari" (mosquito net) to keep away ghosties, beasties and other little nasties at night.

... just came and kissed my hand as I typed.


Sraikh said...

Little boys are so sweet. Mine loved cut the rope as well

R's Mom said...

Awwww! Isnt this the sweetest post...ekdum kala tikka :)

dipali said...

Awwwww! He's all grown up already, who was once a Wee Bhablet!!!!!

MRC said...

So very cute! Mine is all of 2 and a half, and has already learned the guaranteed-to-melt-evil-mom heart line viz, "raag koro na" !

Jassie said...

Love it! Amazing how quickly they grow! My Tara has also started spelling words and writing!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

*wipes away a tear*

A and A said...

Very Cute Sue!

S S said...

Call me self centred but its awesome that one of my favourite bloggers blogged about one of my favourite people (The Babu that was formally a Bhaeblet) on my birthday!
So although I'm, reading it later ... it makes me smile :-)

It was beautifully written as always!

May God bless you three!

shirin goel said...


soumil said...
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s2001 said...
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s2001 said...

My kiddo is 10 n we are at the love hate stage we fight so often but also make up easily. think there will be a hate-hate stage? I am so loving your blog, so many expressions. mother, wife n best a woman. I identify with many of the delimas n problems that you face in married life but I have never had the courage to discuss them n writing them takes a whole lot of courage. Hats off to you.

Sue said...

s2001 -- What's a world where you can't hate the child you gave birth to? I'm sure there'll be hate-hate stages to but at the end of the day it'll always be your little boy and his loving mum so you know it'll work out OK.

I'm sure Rahul and I will have spectacular fights when he's older.