Friday, November 04, 2011

Signing Off

[Another one from the drafts. Not sure when I wrote it or for what, but I continue to feel the same way!]

Signing an offensive comment or statement off with "peace", "warmth" or a stupid smiley not only makes your comment that much more offensive (because clearly peace, warmth or even shared humour is not your aim), it also makes you look like the kind of loser who cannot defend the statement he/she has just made, and it makes you look like you're the kind of loser who would slink around the edges of the room while a debate was actually on, in real life. If you can't debate face to face, I cannot take the trouble to listen to you online either. I realise that makes me a snob but you are still the loser standing next to internet trolls.

I know, boy do I know, how tempers can run high in an argument. People use unparliamentary language. That is not a problem to me. But trying to take the righteous high ground by signing off with a smiley ("hey look, I was not being all serious and ranty, why are you getting so upset dude?") -- well, that is just pathetic passive-aggressive bullshit. If nobody is calling you out on it that doesn't mean people haven't already stopped taking you seriously.


I think if you want to say fuck you you should have the balls to do so.

Note to my regular readers:
Too many people signing off the most inflammatory letters with "peace" (or "warmth" or a smiley) in my life.

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