Friday, November 04, 2011

Marriage Bonds

[Still rooting through the drafts.]

I was in a sentimental mood last night and took out our wedding album and leafed through the photos.

There are several photographs of my first cousins in a large gang. Five years on it looks extremely unlikely that there ever will be any more such photos ever.

I found all my friends among the crowd, people I had never noticed in these same photographs, and remembered how my father and uncles petted me like a little girl for the last time and how much it meant to me that Dana and Shuktara dressed me for the wedding instead of a professional from a beauty parlour.

There are pictures of me drowsing on Cousin T's shoulder, my arms around Lakshmi, and there is a photo of E keeping an anxious eye on the proceedings. She travelled like a madwoman to get to my wedding and it matters a great deal to me that she was there.

I think there is something about being part of the team at a wedding. It matters to me that these people, my friends and family, came together and worked so hard to pull such a big event off. It matters to me that I have done my bit at my friends' weddings. These are the memories I'm making for myself as much as for the people who I help out.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful to come home after a tired day, when life has just whisked one on at a headlong pace, and read such a post, that only Sunayana Roy can write.

Ahh thanks.

And, so true.

dipali said...

Ditto Anonymous!

Minal said...

My wedding pictures are so very hilarious. The photographer was completely Bollywood-ish. I instead love the impromtu one's that were clicked by friends and cousins.

Sue said...

Anon -- Thank you for your comment. I read it on a day when I was feeling rather low and it made me feel a great deal happier.

Dipali -- *hugs*

Minal -- Did you get photoshopped prints? I have seen photographs with the groom's head in a heart amidst clouds over the bride's head. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out by refusing to have professional photographers at my wedding!