Friday, October 14, 2011

Things My Parents Do Just To Annoy Me

We are in Vizag for the week. I'm convinced my parents are out to get me. Otherwise they would not

1. Keep buying that boy more toys!

2. Tell Vicky all those embarrassing stories from my childhood. Given how his family never tells me any, it's just not fair to give him more and more ammo.

3. Fall ill.

4. Don't tell me when they do fall ill. Thanks for making me worry all the time, Ma-Baba!

5. Look so worried/harried/traumatised when I scold their precious grandson.

6. Keep offering to buy me stuff when our new flat cannot squeeze in so much as another teaspoon. In fact, I could give some away. You want a teaspoon? Or some big cartons of toys? Or a couple of Niyogys perhaps?

7. Eat up the chips before I get to them.

8. Get old. What's with that, anyway?

9. Refuse to listen to me when I point out the obvious (like visiting doctors, buying an automatic washing machine, getting a chimney fitted over the stove and so on). They always have an 'excellent' reason for never doing as they should. And then they call me stubborn!

10. Always, but always, taking Vicky's side.

One of these days I am really going to disown the lot of them. The Roys as well as the Niyogys.

P. S.
If you click 'Funny' for this post I am going to courier them all off to you. Let's see how funny you find that.

STOP CLICKING 'FUNNY'. I really will send my parents to you. Then you'll be sorry.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha..i just clicked funny. PLease courier me your parents..they sound adorable. - Preetha.

R's Mom said...

Awww! they are so cute..typical grand parents...mine are as 'annoying' as I am not going to click funny on this one :)*though I am dying to do that*

RS said...

Just clicked on Funny-reading it sounds funny but I have my parents living with me right now and I know how not-funny it is...

And remember you had asked me to read The Englishman's cameo - I read it and loved it, though again I found it too slow in some places... Now FIL has borrowed it from me to read :-) Good read - Thanks!

Richa said...

How funny? Very very funny. :D

Gayatri said...

- True :)
- A couple of years more gal before that lil boy of urs 'copy-paste's this and types in a few extra lines to update his blog ;b

dipali said...

Oops- I wonder what kind of lists my kids would make!
No grandkids to spoil, so much is not applicable, thank goodness!

utbtkids said...

Well.... I will not click funny, I already have two who support the husband and think I can be more patient with the brats.....

But just clarify, buy more toys for which boy? Older one or young one?

Thinking Cramps said...

So how do you divide 2 parents between 23 commenters who thought this was "funny"?

Sue said...

You lot think you're so funny!

Preetha -- Send me your address and phone number!

R's Mom -- *rolls eyes*

RS -- Yes, I remember. Glad you liked it. :)

Richa -- Uff

Gayatri -- I live in a steady state of denial. Also of hope that this will put him off blogs for life.

Dipali -- I'm sure your kids could compile an eye=popping enough list, thank you!

Utbt -- More toys for both boys!

Ana -- I could send them off on a tour. A month at each place. Should keep them out of my hair for a nice, long while.