Friday, October 07, 2011

Pujo 2011

We moved to the new house on Panchami. We moved the furniture in the morning and in the afternoon Dipali and I drove over with bags of things. My two large steel almirahs haven't fitted into the building entrance so I spent the weekend aghast at the lack of storage space. It's been six days and the place is still an unholy mess. My kitchen is yet to be functional but I hope it will be so by tomorrow morning.

Shashti was hard work sorting out beds and clothes. It was Shuktara's birthday so the evening was spent at her place. The party was pleasantly quiet, with Avi and Aaliya providing the fun moments. We chatted for a couple of hours at Nunu's afterwards.

On Saptami I went around the Lake Gardens flat with an electrician, emptying lofts, removing fittings and cleaning and sorting what was left. Vicky had a con call at our new home so I drove the electrician there and we went over all the stuff that needs doing. In the evening we met Barry, Sulagna, Chinky and Ollie for dinner at South City and chatted with Barry and Sulagna till the wee hours at their place afterwards.

Ashtami was rather depressing as we woke up to the mess and no signs of a solution in sight. The odd jobs man had bunked so the cabinets weren't up. It's a day best passed over. Oh and I started my periods. Fun times. We got the washing machine and microwave sorted out, so that was a bright spot.

Nabami saw a bit more organisation and finally, the odd jobs man showed up. I napped most of the day away, feeling down. In the evening we went over to Jiyon's for a small dinner with Vicky's old schoolmate whose name I forget but whose nickname is Lal Baal (he has red hair!) and an old neighbour of Jiyon's called Munni. We drank and chatted till we went home the next morning.

Not surprisingly, Dashami was a bit of a blur for Vicky. I stayed awake because the cabinets were to go up etc. We went to Nilu-Shoma's new place for lunch, with Arindam and ABC-Ruma. That was very nice too. Vicky napped while we sat around chatting about traffic incidents we had found ourselves in (among other things).

As we left their place the complex ladies were bidding farewell to the Goddess. I stood there feeling more than a little ashamed because what with the cramps and moving I haven't attended a single Pujo function this year and so I hadn't allowed myself to go for sindoor khela either, my favourite part of Pujo.

The strange thing is, the older I get, the more of an affinity I feel with Her. I have found myself wondering whether She has a tough time packing for all the Kids and Their various requirements, whether She worries over Her Husband's meals while She is away. Today I silently bid Her farewell from far away and hoped for a better Pujo next year. Also, next year I hope I will have Rahul with us. I miss his enthusiasm. It has been a relief not having him around while we moved but I've missed him greatly.


Neera said...

Wishing you settle down well soon in ur new home. And Happy Durga Pujo. I understand your feelings of sadness but sometimes you just can't. Present Her a special offering when you are all settled and surely u'll feel nice :) Love and hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad your moving coincided with navratri. Its my favourite time of the year and yes, like you I find myself thinking about the Goddess more each year. Was also selfishly hoping for a Pujo-in-Cal post from you :-) belated wishes for the Pujo!

Subhashree said...

Wish you many happy moments and memories at your new place.

Sue said...

Neera -- Thanks, your words helped put things in perspective. Hope you had a good Navratri.

M -- Well, this was a Pujo-in-Cal post. Just not the kind one would like to write!

Subha -- Thank you :)