Thursday, September 01, 2011

Love in the morning school rush

The boy is running out of the door. His father's already downstairs getting the car out.

Me: I love you.

Rahul: Bolo, I love you.

Me: (very touched that he's actually asking for affection for a change!) Yes, I just said it, I love you.

R: Yes, abar bolo, I love you 5, 6, 11!

I dutifully repeat various combinations as he makes his way down the stairs. And what with the mushiness engendered by the above conversation I actually stand waiting by the window as he walks out of the gate.

Only to hear him gleefully telling his father, "Ami Babu-ke khyapachhilam!" (I was teasing Babu!)

I blame the paternal genes.


Anonymous said...

Bhaeblu Babu is the best.

hack said...

heehaw, you have an awesome son or what!

Gayatri said...

- :)
- the girls we are :b
- the boys they are :D

dipali said...

You still got "I love you'd!"

u said...

But still....awwww

Sue said...

Anon -- Fan club type, huh?

Hack -- I could think of other adjectives.

Gayatri -- Exactly :)

Dipali -- You mean he did!

U -- Yes, indeed :)