Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fifth Birthday

Here's why I would never make the cut for mommy blogger status:

Rahul turned five this morning and I'm only just writing out the blog post. Also, he celebrated it with his friends over a week ago and... I'm only just writing out the blog post.

The party was great even though several people had to drop out at the last minute because of various emergencies. People who could make it included Kingshuk and Aryan from his pre-school days, and Taishan, Ratul, Chinkydidi and little Magh from the family friends circle.

That's him, cutting the cake while all the other kids hold on.

That's our Dipali dida hugging the little guest of honour who tasted a little cake and a bit of his hostess' shoulder and didn't think too much of either. :)

That's me, looking a little bigger every year. One of my favourite school mums in the background.

And that's the cake. A bit rushed but it did taste good and that's the main thing, isn't it? It was two layers of chocolate cake sandwiched with coconut-gur laddu paste and covered with marzipan. Yes, it's an Angry Bird, his all time favourite phone game.

So that was the birthday party.

The actual birthday (today) was better than I'd hoped for. We left him with my mother (possibly his favourite person) while Vicky and I shifted furniture and worldly goods to our new flat. Yes, we are shifting to a new place on the Bypass and it's a complicated move and a very tiring one. We finished Part I today, with many more to follow!

After we were done with that stuff Vicky and I went to Moore Avenue to find Rahul in a rollicking good mood. The day was spent in cuddles and kisses. He received many phone calls and emails and smses wishing him, to which he responded in his own inimitable way. Dipali and her SRE, for instance, were treated to his special goodbye, while Itchy was firmly told that he didn't have to thank her since she hadn't given him anything.

Speaking of gifts, he was gifted a wooden 3-level car park by his grandparents and loves it to death. Went some way towards making up for all the birthday gifts I haven't allowed him to open yet (because we have begun packing) and our gift that he knows was due on his birthday but hasn't been given to him for the same reason. He even cut a little fruitcake after dinner but by then had long lost his appetite for [more] food.

And that was the fifth birthday. He's growing up on me, you know. He rolls his eyes and gives me these exasperated gestures and ticks me off and quietly comes to comfort me when I'm sad and does so much for me that I find it difficult to remember that he's actually such a little man.


Kodi's Mom said...

he's 5 already?! how did that happen? Happy Birthday!!
and you look lovely :)

Sue said...

Kodi's Mom -- Thank you. :) Yes, he's 5. Look at Plane Paapa!

Aneela Z said...

when he comes out and plays with us ,could he bring the train set too?

The Orange Cat said...

Five? This sounds so clich├ęd, but it really does seem like a moment ago that I read your email telling me you'd just gotten married. Wish him a happy birthday from me please.

Sue said...

Aneela -- Only if he carries his own bags and packs them too.

Orange Cat -- I will. In the meantime allow me to carry on feeling surprised that you aren't still too young to be a Voices Coordinator! :) One never does get used to these changes, I find.

dipali said...

His party was great fun! Your new house will have it's own lot of fabulous parties.( We shall warm it to begin with).

Anonymous said...

Rahul looks adorable and sounds like a lot of fun. 5 is a lovely, interesting age. Enjoy!

Sue said...

Dipali -- So we will!

Anon -- Thank you :)

Jassie said...

Amazing how they grow up so quickly. I can't believe he's already 5. Tara will be 5 in December - yet acts like she's 15. Fun :-)