Friday, August 19, 2011

My World This Week

On Saturday, 13 August, my brother-in-law got married to his long-time girlfriend and her cat. He looked delighted and she looked beautiful and hopefully somebody remembered to congratulate the cat.

On Sunday, 14 August, we had the last show of our play. Now to organise the cast party. After the show Rahul went to greet his jethi with a cake and a book on crocodiles. The former was for her entertainment, the latter for his.

On Monday, 15 August, I baked a four-layer jam sponge cake for Esha and took over a choco-brandy cake for Buro. I received this and later that night, Vicky and I watched From Russia with Love.

On Tuesday, 16 August, Rahul ran a fever. Barry and Sulagna celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, a date which is also signifiant for Vicky and me, as things turned out.

On Wednesday, 17 August, I recorded the last of the audio textbooks and did two songs too. My inexperience in the recording studio shows although I must say my voice sounds pleasant.

On Thursday, 18 August, my parents reached Calcutta. I took Rahul to meet my Didima (maternal grandmother) and Mejomamidida. Vicky burnt his thigh with some boiling hot milk in what I can only call a wanton act of destruction. I happen to be fond of his legs, such as they are.

On Friday, 19 August, Vicky and I went driving around Gangulypukur, E M Bypass, Santoshpur and Garfa. His leg hurts him no end but we have been rendered child-free for the afternoon so he is catching up on his sleep.

I decided to cancel all classes this week and give myself a little holiday. No doubt I shall pay for it next week but playing truant is great fun!


Subhashree said...

Wow, quite an eventful week. Mine was rest and relax after three months of mad work schedules. How is Rahul now? And what audio textbooks? Hope Vivky is better too.

R's Mom said...

Wah! What a super eventful week :) hope Rahul is better now and Vicky's legs are better do audio recordings too.WOW

Sue said...

Subha -- I love the sound of your week! These were audio textbooks for English learners. Rahul is fine now, Vicky is not.

R's Mom -- It sounds like a bigger deal than it was, I think. :)