Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Catching Up

I don't think I've ever spent too many months busier than the last few. If it wasn't 'work' then it was family troubles.

 In August though I plan to relax and breathe a little. Maybe cook once more. The boys and I keep falling ill thanks to eating takeout all the time. (I can safely write this because Mejopishi does not read this blog. Cousin J, you rat to her and die for it.)

In May, as some of you know, we were in Delhi. I lazed around, ran M'pishi ragged, did the usual in other words. Cousin J was there for a week and Rahul met his little aunts in Gurgaon. Imagine being 9 or 10 and having a little nephew. They even overcame their shyness where I was concerned and tried to explain to me that I really shouldn't scold him about this or that because, you see, he is such a little boy. Unlike my dear grannies of 9 or 10. Charming didn't begin to describe it.

Vicky took Rahul to the National Rail Museum several times and spent a small fortune on souvenirs at the shop there. I baked a cake for A'kaku and his colleagues and another for Cousin J and her hostel mates. I cannot describe all that M'pishi fed us.

I was on my own for about two and a half weeks in May. I returned early for play rehearsals while the boys stayed back to be pampered. If I have to put a finger on a specific point I'd say this is when I finally got over my horror of driving during daytime rush hours. I still don't like it and would spend money to avoid it but I now know I can. And if I can drive and park around Gariahat on a weekday morning then I can (probably) drive anywhere. I've driven to the airport too, so that's another fear conquered.

June was unbelievably busy. Rahul joined big school unexpectedly, almost a year before we planned, and it was a difficult transition for us all as we coped with earlier risings and so on. The play also premiered in June so the month was marked with lots of rehearsals. In that time I wrote more than I have in all these months of freelancing, read more than ever and stopped cooking. Dipali, in desperation, sent me meals that kept us going for a while. I skipped a lot of my language classes and that added to the stress. I've never been very good at bunking despite my Uni rep.

June was also a month of immense personal angst. I try not to write about that stuff here any more so I won't go into the details but thankfully for all people concerned I was pushed so far beyond the bounds of what I found acceptable that I am mostly in a state of indifference now. I don't, for example, feel that I should have to prove anything to any of my relatives or in laws in any more. I don't expect them to prove themselves to me, after all.

July started with lovely birthday celebrations. I will post photographs at some point. The last time I had a birthday party was when I threw myself one in November 2002, I think. I ordered cartons of chicken curry and paratha and invited everybody I knew, including a certain Vicky who never showed up despite assuring me that he would. This year Vicky promised to handle it all so I agreed to celebrations.

My parents came to town for my birthday, they said, and to see the play (which they naturally did not like) but we all know their real reason was to reassure themselves that their little grandson was surviving the vissitudes of Big School. However, they came laden with gifts so all was forgiven by me.

I had my parents over for a kebab-paratha lunch (Khawab), Dipali and Evie for tea (samosas, dhokla and cake) and all our friends over for dinner (KFC and pizza). Vicky surpassed all his previous bartending achievements and ensured that nobody stayed sober. (I did, but I always do.) It was a great party and wound up just before dawn. Rahul was spending the weekend at Moraveenu so we could do all this. What you might call a win-win situation all around.

The next evening. Rahul and I went to see Alice in Wonderland put up by the staff and students of Akshar, directed by Dana and Katy Roy.

On the weekend of 23-24 July, Vicky and I took Rahul to Benaras. We felt we had an unspoken word to honour. Our last trip to the city had been in Feb 2006 on our honeymoon and we found that we could recognise snatches of places but so much seems to have changed superficially, too. The river was in spate so we couldn't take Rahul boating. We spent a morning at the Ramnagar Palace, as dilapidated and sad as ever. There is something about that place though that attracts me.

July was another stressful month as I attended more and more classes, did the three shows along with requisite rehearsals and finally, at the end of the month I had a mild breakdown one evening. I picked up a recurrent, painful and worrying infection and was petrified of what it meant. I got more bracing advice than gentle sympathy but I did end up sitting down and cutting away some inessentials. And you'll be delighted to hear that I'm cooking once more.

And now it is August and I present to you, the first episode of my new project. Out at 10 am every Tuesday.


R's Mom said...

Baap rey! you are like the busiest person ever..and did you say that you left your job! I think your life was so much more relaxed when you were working..but good thing you are doing things you love and things you like..so more to busier months but less stressful I hope...I read that story of yours...waiting for the next story :)

I remember Unmana had come up with these series 'Voices in my head' and I so used to look forward to them..I was pretty sad it ended :)

So here is to following you every Tuesday :)

hack said...

I think you are awesome

Sue said...

R's Mom -- Yes, when I was working I knew at the agency most days I could stop and catch my breath. But hurrying to and fro and fretting at the time I wasted not doing much during office hours was also quite exhausting.

I enjoyed Unmana's chapters too. Let me go read them again.

Hack -- And I think you are very kind to say so. Glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday.

Rimi said...

Of all the wonderful things here, my favourite is "Moraveenu".

Shuktara said...

I don't think any of us was drunk on the 8th but we were all so happy -- especially me; hadn't been out in months. And Vicky was indeed a wonderful bartender.

Sue said...

Rimi == Moraveenu stands for not just the house, I think. It stands for a whole mode of living, a golden age of sorts. 'Meddraas' even more so.

Shuki -- That he was. :) Do let's have another party in September, if no weekends are free this month.