Monday, May 30, 2011

Versatility & Motherhood

The two could be synonymous, you know. Or you could, like my dad, suggest that "Mother is the necessity for inventions."

Kiran awarded me a fun blogger's prize some weeks ago, the Versatile Blogger award, meant for folks like me who can never settle on a blogging niche, I imagine.

To honour the award I have to list out a few random facts about myself. Here goes:
1. Class X: Highest Board marks were in Maths (my XII Maths marks nearly made me repeat the year)
2. Class XII: School Vice Captain
3. UG 1: Wrote an impassioned defence of Mills & Boons for a tutorial (marks went as percentages into my degree)

I am tossing it on to
Y because I still don't see how somebody who gave birth to twins just the other day while juggling another young kid and a job also found time to write a book. Lady, that's versatile!


Itchy who says she doesn't do anything particularly extraordinary -- but she does. On top of her immense workload at office and home she has recently begun reviewing books on a freelance basis.

Kiran also tagged me to write on 'What Mommyhood Taught Me'. This is where I am on shakier ground. What have four years of mothering taught me?

a) That parents, uncles and aunts never really loved me. They only put up with me for the grandchild that would appear on the scene one day.

b) That skinny little arms hugging one does indeed take away a lot of the pain.

c) That Vicky and I can work together as a team which is comforting given that he and I have so little in common apart from mutual exasperation and awesome sex.

d) That I am not a patient person. Nor am I gentle, nor unconditionally loving.

e) That the sheer act of giving birth automatically gives me membership to an esoteric club of other mothers who nod along while I curse the child without ever taking me or the cursing seriously, who will know what I mean when I say I am tired after a couple of sleepless nights (it's not the same as it was when I stayed up working or partying or just because), who will recite lists of medications and home remedies and recipes when my own brains have sputtered to a stop, who will expect me to do as much for them and as matter-of-factly as they do for me... I could go on but either you are a member and don't need this explained or you are not and will not really understand the relief that fellow members bring.

Tagging fellow members:

Restless Quill
M2KNP who I still call Anaathaa in my head :) Welcome back, woman.


Sreetama said...

Is Y the one who you were going to meet after meeting me? I was introduced to her blog most probably from yours and i haven't read in a while, but i remember it was pretty funny stuff.

Sue said...

Sreetama -- Yes, Yashodhara, that's her. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer at both your place and hers.

Y said...

Thanks Sue....that's very sweet. And I also wish we could have spent more time together.

Hello, Sreetama. I'm not that funny any more! I have several more children now!

sole said...

Uber cool.. the 5 points that mommyhood has taught you, loved it :)!

Rimi said...

As someone who knew you before motherhood, Sunny, mommy-blogging is definitely your niche these days. Sure, you'll never be the kind that records her child's every move, because, you know, you've got a life beyond your child (and Bheblu is incredibly lucky because of it). But mommy-blogging is definitely your niche these days, like food-blogging is mine.

Anonymous said...


vote for this if you like it

i could not coz had to sign in :-(

Sue said...

Y -- :) Yes, you are as funny as ever.

Sole -- So you do he tag as well, why don't you? Consider it a virtual birthday present from me. :)

Rimi -- I am not a mommy-blogger. Can we be clear on that count? I am a blogger with a child and of course I mention the child but I daresay I have many more based on Vicky.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Yo and high-five on points a, b, d & e!! Very, very well said!

Sue said...

M4 -- :D