Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thoughts while I'm not blogging

In other words, I'm not here, I'm not here, as the Roman soldier told the Gauls.

1. I left Cal still staggering under the weight of the mighty Left Front and returned two weeks later to photographs of Mamata Banerjee and three-petalled flowers everywhere.

2. This heat is actually leaving me incapacitated. I've been back less than 48 hours I admit but I'm finding it extremely difficult to function. And there is so much to do!

3. I actually find myself rootless in Cal without the boys (they are in Delhi). Without them I could be anywhere else as easily as I am here. Now there's a thought.

4. Have you read this review? Oh my sainted aunt.

More later, as I get used to the stickiness. Till then, I can always chomp down some worms, I suppose.


Aneela Z said...

I think Kapur had it coming.Seriously.I was going Ouch. Ouch. Ouch while reading the review, but "ageist" references (and deja vu about all this writing shwriting is for bored housewives/aunties comments)aside, at times you need this little kick up your pants, I mean aunts.
She might come up with something brilliant next and Sen might seem like a snarky little kid, so here's hoping

Rimi said...

I've never heard of Manju Kapur. That's how good my taste is.

The curiously-named Abhirook Sen might want to rewrite the tiny bio on his website to avoid smug smirks himself, however. I would cringe to inform the world that I write "with passion and insight on subjects as varied as terrorism and sports", and team it with such a charming antiquity as "read English at Presidency". The stylistic fracture grates more than the tendency to 'write with passion'.

dipali said...

Gentlemen aren't aunts, either:)

Aneela Z said...

ooh dipali just for this one liner im going to drop the silly -ji suffix.
I think we should put your comment on a tshirt and gift it to Sen

dipali said...

@Aneela: Thank God for small mercies! I've been struggling not to write this since yesterday, but succumbed, finally, to temptation.
All good, if it gets that 'ji' off my back:)

Sue said...

Aneela -- I'm hoping she will. Just to prove him a snarky little kid. :)

Rimi -- I liked her Difficult Daughters, I remember.

Dipali -- I agree with Aneela, LOL!