Friday, May 20, 2011

Mantra for Survival

What makes you mine or I yours? Do I make the mistake you do, of refusing to look beyond the words to acknowledge the actions that may conceivably display caring and maybe occasionally a little affection? Or was it stupid of me to infuse your little actions with more than you meant by them? Why should it hurt more than everything else that it was true, that I was not being melodramatic when I stated that you never considered me family?

There are so many questions I never ask and perhaps more that I am never asked and all for what? I’m not the one living alone, unsure of whom to lean on. I have so much. It really shouldn’t hurt.


dipali said...

Sue, sad to say, many many people have no concept of loving, and the giving and receiving of love. They unfortunately cannot look beyond themselves. The boundaries they draw up subsequently imprison them in miserable, solitary confinement:(
And they will never know that it was their own behaviour that led to this misery:(

starry eyed said...

Yeah, it shouldn't hurt. But it does. Hugs.

Aneela Z said...

*sigh* Ok D should give you the book.

Sue said...

Dipali -- Dementors, such people.

Starry -- Thanks, hon. I don't want it to hurt but it does.

'Neela -- LOL No, there's a context I promise you and Dipali knows it hence her comment. Speaking of the book, finally got my copy yesterday and read it last night to take my mind off my troubles. She's done a great job of it, you will be so impressed when you get yours.

Itchingtowrite said...

hugs sue.

Sue said...

Itchy -- Thanks *hugs back*