Friday, May 06, 2011

I've worn my dad's old shirts

... but I don't know what I think of a dad returning the compliment!

What about you? Would you be OK with your dad/mum wearing your shirts and trousers (or socks or jackets or whatever)? Obviously this is only something to think about if the parent who's borrowing is from the other gender. Ma and I exchange sarees and accessories all the time.


Spin said...

Uhh...Steven Tyler is not really a generic dad. And I would take it as a huge compliment if my father wore my clothes.

Sue said...

Spin -- I have no issues with the husband wearing my stuff but I don't know how I would feel about my dad raiding my closet. I'd probably be annoyed because I'm not very good at sharing!

Dea-chan said...

Half of my "wardrobe" in high school was my mothers -- but my dad certainly couldn't fit into my clothes!

Sunny, I think I'm with you on that one -- I have no problems sharing with my guy, but my dad would probably be a bit different. :-P

Cee Kay said...

I dunno Sue. Odd as it may look, I think it is between him and his daughter. I say, it takes guts and eccentricity to do it (for Steven) and guts to accept it (for Liv). I admire both.

Sreetama said...

read your comment and smiled smiled smiled. how did rahul like it?
also, next time I'm in kolkata can I come over and watch it hang? please please please

Sue said...

Dea-chan -- I thought about it some more and decided it's probably because sharing clothes feels like a rather physically intimate sort of thing to me. So it's cool with mums/cousins/sisters and rather nice with husbands/boyfriends, but I personally would feel a bit psyched if my dad wore my shirt.

Mind you, I have no issues wearing my dad's shirts because I love bumming stuff off him anyway. Logic is not my strong point.

Cee Kay -- Of course it's between them two. But I was intrigued by my own response to the article.

Sreetama -- Rahul was damn kicked by the train and pirate ship, as expected. :) My aunt and uncle also liked it very much. Of course you can come watch it hang in Kolkata, don't be ridiculous.