Sunday, May 01, 2011

Drinking with Family

A new study by researchers at the University of Minnesota found that teens who drink under their parents' supervision — the occasional sip at dinner or during holidays — are more likely to become problem drinkers a few years later than those whose parents, like mine, adopted a zero-tolerance policy.

You can read more here.

All I am going to say is, what crap.


Aneela Z said...

just let me know should i stop making the toddler's morning coffee Irish?!!

Aathira said...

Interesting ... I wonder whether thats true. I strongly feel that its a question of surrounding, family and also situational to a great extend.

Sue said...

'Neela -- Nah, hopefully all that lovely Irish coffee will give him a lovely Irish voice. You wouldn't grudge the girls of the next generation that, now would you? :D

(I really ought to remove this comment when the boys are old enough to read it!)

Aathira -- Both Vicky and I were introduced to the odd drink by our fathers and while we were both heavy drinkers at one point (in college) I don't think either of us has ever been an alcoholic! If anything, because we drank with family now and then, we learnt to hold our alcohol and obviously, our fathers gave us the good stuff, so we learnt to appreciate that as well.

dipali said...

Somehow doesn't sound logical:(
I'm the teetotaller whose offspring are most certainly not!

R's Mom said...

What a stupid thing! My bro drank his first drink with dad and my dad offered me one as well. I am a teetotaller and bro drinks so occasionally that he even forgets the taste!

SUR NOTES said...

So now i can blame the quivering of my hand at sundown on that champagne i had with my folks when i was 13.
So good to know that i can blame them for everything. :)

Rimi said...

I'm going to agree with you, Sunny. Bollocks. I'd like to hear about the religious convictions of the 'researchers' and their fieldwork technique.

The amount of, shall we say, 'ideologically motivated' research that comes out even of large unis is astonishing.

Rimi said...

And thoroughly embarrassing.

Suki said...

Well my folks had a "we-disapprove-but-can't-stop-you" policy in my case, it seems to have worked till date!

But advocating zero-tolerance? We can see how the abstinence sex-ed policies are working out...!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Crap on toast is more like it!! (btw, your word verification is 'poper'...imagine if there'd been an extra 'o'!!)

You know Sue, I am sick to death of all these weird surveys and their results! One survey will tell us that milk is good you you and three surveys later, we're told we need to stop giving it to our children after they turn five or they'll have lumpy feet and crooked teeth!!

Cee Kay said...

Crap indeed it is! I don't put much (or any, actually) faith in these "researches". I don't have any patience for them, I think they are a waste of my time.

Oops! Sorry I am cranky today :) But a few researches I do believe. Like the one that says teenage brain (mis)handles alcohol and other recreational drugs differently and is more susceptible to addiction.

There are other ways of teaching responsible drinking habits than just allowing them to drink "a little" with us. It is like telling a toddler he or she can hit us only a little.

Teenagers are cocky, overconfident beings who think they are invincible. I remember - I was one once :P They are highly likely to think "Well, I am not going to get addicted to this stuff. I have it under control"

Cee Kay said...

Sorry - hit publish too soon.

I don't know how big a sample they took for this survey/research or what controls they implemented on the sample. But while I do believe that teenagers should not be encouraged to drink even a little with their parents, I don't believe this research either. My parents were teetotalers. My brother loves his beers and I love my cocktails and rums and irish coffees. I didn't start drinking alcohol until my 30s but I still love it :) It is another matter altogether that I am such a control freak that I can't let go of the control even by the way of drinking too much.

Sue said...

Dipali, R's Mom -- Exactly!

Sur -- LOL Tell them the least they can do is buy you some more champers to make up. ;)

Rimi -- The amount of, shall we say, 'ideologically motivated' research that comes out even of large unis is astonishing. And thoroughly embarrassing. Very true! Remind me to tell you of my views on USIS and missionaries.

Suki -- Very good point.

M4 -- Same here! Has the effect of making me rush back to the old remedies, actually.

Cee -- Personally speaking, I felt very responsible that my dad was willing to buy me a drink now and then. It put me on my mettle to show him I was worthy of such a grown up consideration. I don't believe one mild drink at a party will harm a 16 yr old. I wouldn't advocate a daily drink, however mild.