Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brimful of Asha

A girl has dreams. One of mine was a boyfriend who would sing for me. Sing of his love for me shamelessly, publicly. Write stories about the girl he thought I was and poems of the woman he saw. I did date Beq who wrote beautiful poetry and made the most stirring music but he scorned dedications and was content to remain poetically vague every time I dared hope I was the subject. Very disappointing the whole business was, but I tell myself, at least he was honest about it!

Vicky sang songs to me, for me. Songs from an era that nobody else I knew had ever been interested in. Songs that were light and lilting. He sent me lines from those songs as messages to my phone and quoted them in letters to me. When we set up home together he filled our little flat with jazz on Sunday mornings.

There are days when I feel a little sorry for myself because nobody did write me that epoch-making poem or world-changing song but then I remember all the songs my men did sing to me, from my father’s tuneless rhymes tothe innuendo-laden love song that my first love sang as he dared me to do something about the attraction sizzling between us; from the one song that Beq did finally admit he may have perhaps sung for me to the many that Vicky so happily hummed around me; from the rubbish Rahul and I make up to the ones that he and I dance to: and it’s hard not to feel the love.

I've been in Delhi for nearly a fortnight and Vicky's joining us in a few hours and excuse me while I feel all fluttery-happy. Isn't our man the lucky one!


dipali said...

Awwww- such a sweetheart of a post!
Since Vinod and I are equally tuneless, we've often sung together on long drives with none of our offspring telling us to please cease and desist. Used to sing a lot with the same several offspring when they were a lot less discriminating!

R's Mom said...

What a sweet post..reminds me of the songs dad sings for mom JUST to irritate her hehhehe :)

Sreetama said...


U said...

Awww. I wish A still sang to me. He has a lovely voice but he thinks his job is done.

Pepper said...

Very sweet post! I dreamed of pretty much the same stuff..

Rimi said...

This is absolutely darling, Sunny. You really did get the pick of the lot, didn't you =)

You-Know-Who wrote ditties for me and left them on the door of my room, bless his romantic soul, and me -- well, I'd be dead irked that he left his sonnets and lyrics so openly for everyone to see. So one day, I told him quite firmly the door was off limits. I'm not sure what he got from that, because he started sticking the post-its on the wall next to the door.

Sigh. Sweetness is apparently not for me.

Sue said...

Dipali -- Mine is quite rude about telling us to shut it. And to think I used to consider myself tuneful!

R's Mom -- LOL, that's so cute!

Sreetama -- :)

U -- He does? Then he must be induced to sing more often. Does he join you if you hum? Vicky hasn't sung to me much these years, so I guess you and I are in the same boat, at that.

Sue said...

Pepper -- I hope your dreams come true, then.

Rimi -- You clown! You deserved a man like him. I wonder what he'd have done if you banned the walls. Hoardings?