Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somebody Up There Is Rolling in the Aisles

While looking for some info, I came across my little announcement post, where I finally blurted out that I was pregnant.

And while I was reading it, I couldn't help but chuckle over such gems as:

Kids will have their own wishes. I only get to rule their lives so long.

Hah! I will rule his life for ever and ever. Just how my parents continue to boss me around.

Do not let my friends anywhere near the child (from child's age 3 to 35). Ditto certain big-mouthed cousins. V and I will have images to keep up!

Aargh! Too late for that one.

Not to let the sun go down on my anger. Very old lesson, well learnt once, thoroughly forgotten of late.

Hm. Easier to practice when a little brat hugs me tight and wishes me "Goo'nigh'-swee'dreams-s'eeptight" as he has a habit of doing every night. I'll miss it when he stops.

Not worry about kid's education. (Can't see myself doing this anyway. V neither.

Er. Duly noted. Not to worry. Doesn't look like he'll get into a school anyway, so nothing to worry over, really. *sigh*

The other post that caught my eye was the Savage Garden one. Since I wrote that there have been nights when I have been that lonely and lost and scared. But yes, on the whole my life is not like that. I'm not bruised and on the run. God willing I never will be.

Because this post is not random enough already, I end with an image for you:
Rahul Niyogy, squatting on our landing, wearing a smaller red croc on one foot and a larger green one on the other (we are treated to style statements these days, oh how the mighty Sues have fallen) and guess what my son is looking intently at? A discarded lizard's tail. And he chatters all the way to the car about how and why that tail might have been discarded and did we know, some people fry and eat lizard tails and some fry and eat lizards too and -- excuse me while I go throw up. Some days I cannot believe I gave birth to a child so revolting. To think he used to be such a cute baby, too.


Rohini said...

He's an even cuter boy, so shush. What do you know. You're just his measly mom :p

Sue said...

Ro -- What would you know, you're just a silly mashi. :P Wait for the Darje pics, there are some stop-you-in-your-tracks pics.