Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Notes

So that was Thursday. Most of the week went by with Rahul's severe cold and my own, but things looked up on Friday.

The boy was finally showing some progress on the health front and I managed to force myself out of bed and into respectable clothes in time for French. Turned out class was cancelled because it was Founder's Day at JU and there I was, in my little tee and acres of skirt and no cockroaches in it either, finally wide awake and with an evening suddenly free. Oh, and there was the most delicious pre-kalboishakhi breeze blowing me all over the place.

So I dropped in on Beq's mum and chatted over tea and cake and I don't know why I don't visit her more often but I had a grand time. So grand that when Shuki called to ask if I meant to make it to rehearsals that evening I was gobsmacked at the hour. I swished off to Lake Gardens on a rickshaw, partly running the last bit, and met M4 and AmbiPur for a great hour's reading. I love this play. Afterwards Shuki and I walked down to Choco Express for a hot chocolate apiece and some conversation. We got caught in the rain and she walked me home.

Saturday lunch (biriyani and chicken curry) was at Guddi's. I really like their neighbourhood. Surprisingly quiet, with a nice park right next door and conveniently located. I wish south Cal offered such options that we could actually afford.

On our way back home we dropped in at South City and bought ourselves a TV on a whim. To think we have no cable but a fancy little TV adorns our sideboard. We celebrated the purchase by watching Cars and Rang De Basanti. To help me get over the RDB hangover, Vicky played Karz and we went to bed laughing. Even better, the man made dinner (sandwiches -- chocolate for the boy and chicken for his parents).

Sunday we all slept in. I cannot remember the last time I have been able to say this. I know I woke up (sort of) to deal with the car washing chap but I actually managed to go back to sleep and stayed that way till almost noon! While this is child's play for Vicky, it is a mostly impossible dream for me.

We had lunch at Choco Express (they have only one lunch option on the menu! Ok, two if you care to eat whatever the other thing is, which we never do and I can't even remember what it is) and then dropped the boy off at Moore Avenue. We came back home, Vicky worked and I sat down to finish my work on Hot Spot #1. What with having a sick child around in my bedroom all week, I obviously only really got stuff done on Sunday evening... It was great though because not only did I get some stuff sorted out and some other stuff discarded, I also ended up clearing up my dressing space and the bed headboard cabinet in which I keep Rahul's toiletries etc. I'll put up photos when I can have them transferred.

Dinner was with Ennadidi at an uncle and aunt-in-law's. We had a lovely time just sitting around chatting and Rahul wasn't too bad given that he had pretty much nothing to do and nobody to do it with. He only spilt Bombay Sapphire, white wine and then water on my saree which I suppose is getting off easy.

And now it's Monday and I am overwhelmed with work. *sigh*


R's Mom said...

Lovely weekend but I read only one line which mentions that you slept till noon...when when when will that ever happen to me :(

Mona said...

this is what weekends are meant for and also, that is what mondays are meant for.
i did the closets but i forgot the before pictures thanks to hasan and so i don't even know if i will post pictures. and this week's crazy. i hate paper org! HATE.

Sue said...

R's Mom -- It will. Someday. I hope. :)

Mona-mine -- I did the wardrobes and paper clutter and kids toys/books/clothes. Will tackle kitchen and the last one when I have the house to myself end-May. Looking forward to it, actually!