Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not that long ago?

Thanks to my new French and Italian evening classes, I am to be found at JU four evenings a week. It's OK, it gets me out of the house and I certainly enjoy my classes but hanging around all these kids is kinda weird.

For one thing, I am frequently taken to be one of them. That sounds cooler than it actually is. The people on campus call me tumi and while this is fine from people who watched me grow up, it feels weird from those who are new to me. After all, elsewhere in my life I have graduated to "Boudi, apni".

Also, once the kids find out that I am actually older and wow, finished my Masters six years ago, they all look at me goggle-eyed and retreat to a safe distance to discuss the strangeness of this. Marriage and a kid are somehow easier to accept than that I am nearly a decade older than most of them. I can't wait for this phase of theirs to end! (This doesn't happen in Italian because my classmates are mostly my age or older.)

The other evening I got groped on my way out of JU by a senior citizen who no doubt thought he was manhandling a helpless college kid. I was helpless yes, but with laughter, not indignation. He had to reach so far to get his elbows to brush my breast, he nearly fell over.

These two young girls remind me of a younger me. Not because I was like them (I wasn't) but they remind me of how much fun angst was back then. (Spin, you may not feel murderous towards your gurujon. It's simply not respectful enough.)

But anyway, life goes in cycles or so I'm told, and therefore I am off on another trip to Darje tonight. The last time I was there was with the boyfriend in secret. This time I shall be with the son and maybe visiting in-laws. Keventer's, here I come.


R's Mom said...

Nice to be back to college na..and looking at your pics in the madisar saree post am pretty sure you must look like a college student only :) and you are doing two languages together..WOW! am impressed...

Suchismita said...

Leaving aside my big, big respect for how you are doing BOTH French and Italian together, here's one from me: On a random survey conducted here in Goa, one woman came up to my husband and me and asked if I minded being married to a man who's at least 10 years my senior (he's not, db, as you know him, is 3 years older), especially because she thought I was still in college. Worse, she asked if there is any sexual abuse involved in "this kind" of a marriage. Oh hell!

Supz said...

Hi Sunayana,

Could you please let me know when are the language classes held?

Is japanese also taught at JU?

Sue said...

R's Mom -- Not that impressive, really. I've done French before, at a much more advanced stage. Only doing this one as a refresher. :)

Suchismita -- People are funny critters.

Supz -- There is a Japanese course and these are the evening language courses held twice a week each in the Arts building.