Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hot Spot #1

You might remember, I signed up for Project: Simplify. I did the Hot Spot #1 although I missed the deadline for posting about it because I can't transfer photos from my phone to the laptop. I missed Hotspot #2 because I went off to Darjeeling on a sudden whim but I doubt I could have pulled it off, in all honesty. I try to tackle the paperwork in these parts so often and get absolutely nowhere.

Anyway, so here are my cupboards before and after.

Daily wear cupboard before:

and the same place after some forced evictions, rearrangement and sorting out:

Wow, I got a whole shelf free.

Now here is my saree cupboard before:

and after I was done with it:

Not much change here because mostly it's tidy enough and I chickened out of the real work viz trying out the blouses. I know many of them need mending and altering and my 'workbasket' is full already and who wants to try out some 60 odd blouses in this heat? I did get some space cleared in the lower section though.

As a bonus I cleared out the area in our headboard where I keep toiletries and stuff, Rahul's on one side and mine on the other. I even cleared out the dressing table and clotheshorse, but I don't have before and after pics of all that, only a couple of the headboard space:


Itchingtowrite said...

I like
me too did lots of decluttering
and wow- u hav 2 exclusive cupboards. u miust be rich!!!

R's Mom said...

you have SIXTY Sarees...wow! thats super cool! nice decluttering...will mark this post and come back to it just before the weekend..hopefully will get inspired and do something myself :)

Sue said...

Itchy -- I do own two cupboards but Vicky has the other one. The white one belongs to our flat. Pity, because I love it.

R's Mom -- I have over a hundred in that cupboard right now, I think. :) Have stopped getting new blouses made though, unless I absolutely have to.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Saree cupboard provoked violent jealousy! Mine live in a couple of suitcases :(


Purva said...

Nice work done...
super impressed, btw your BEFORE cupboard was also not bad at all. mine is like there's some eartquake.
Sooper work.

Gayatri said...

- Impressed :)
- Checked out the 'Simplify' blog
- Can't get myself to sign up :D

Sue said...

M -- Aww, that sucks. What's the fun of owning nice sarees if you can't wallow among them every now and then, I say!

Purva -- LOL I have to say my cupboards are usually very tidy. What they need is de-cluttering.

Gayatri -- Give it a shot, go on. This week's is children's toys and clothes.

MiM said...

i can take plenty of before pictures.
but the after pictures are also exactly like them.

so i cant tell the difference

Sue said...

MiM -- LOL So what are you trying to say?