Thursday, March 03, 2011


When Cousin J was a small bit of nothing much, she firmly believed that her Phulididi (yours truly) knew everything. She tried to gloss over my distressing passion for all things Barbie but you can imagine the shock to her tomboyish soul when she discovered one day that I didn't know what a stepney was.

Rahul just had a moment like that. My father, back from three weeks with his youngest nephew in Canada (all of three years old), lovingly brought a rubber frog for his grandson. Rahul was delighted with it and is completely amazed that I not only dislike it now (at the top of my voice if he brings it near me) but am not prepared to like it any time ever either. He tried telling me that babus like frogs too and when I firmly repudiated any such statement he brought me his little plastic froggie soapdish. I compromised and agreed that babus could perhaps like little plastic froggie soapdishes.

Of course, not half a minute later he figured that if babus don't like rubber frogs from Canada then it would probably be great fun throwing those rubber frogs from Canada at babus.

I am currently teaching him to throw it at his other grandmother (my mother-in-law; my mother has already warned the boy against bringing it anywhere near her. The MIL, having brought up Vicky and his brother, ought to be made of sterner stuff.)

Note: This post was written yesterday but had to wait because I cannot transfer photos to my ancient laptop. This photo was taken in a afternoon-dark kitchen, mind you. The N8 rocks. Ooh and I'm on Ovi after all now.

P.S. My FB status yesterday: Somebody stop that son of a Niyogy from throwing his rubber frog at me!


dipali said...

Poor disillusioned child!
Maybe the froggie and Toadar Mal can be friends:)
My sympathies to your mother-in-law.

Sands said...

I can sympathize. I would totally be in your camp as well :)

B o o. said...

awww... He is adorable! And Rahul too! :D

Anonymous said...

what a lovely Frog! Do you have this unnatural dislike of lizards as well? :) :)

M (acting all superior on NO grounds - if that thing was a roach I'd be hitting Banshee levels now!)

R's Mom said...

I am with you on that...the frog does look a bit....well...a know what I am talking about right! and my total sympathies with your MIL

Phoenixritu said...

Nice frog. BTW I still throw rubber spiders and insects at DIL. I love it when she shrieks (Yes I dont mind the insect world) Hyuck Hyuck! MIL's sweet revenge.

Sue said...

Dipali -- LOL Yes, Toadar Mal and Horrible Frog ought to get along.

Sands -- Thanks :)

Boo -- Adorable? Adorable???

M -- Guess what, I stepped on a lizard -- barefoot -- the other evening. Am still shuddering.

R's Mom -- It looks more than a bit, if you ask me! The child never did throw it at his grandmother though, lucky her.

Ritu -- Dude, you just took the whole concept of the evil MIL to a whole new dimension...