Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kid Lit News

Those who know me know my real love is for children's literature. This week I would like to record a birthday and a death:

1) Tulika turned 15. I have been a big fan of their many impressive achievements and ambitious vision for a long time now, and wish them bigger successes in the years to come.

2) Uncle Pai left the building. Back when our generation first started reading Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha, they were not the cool comics. We read them because they were fun and were allowed to read them because of their impeccable grammar and spelling and tasteful content. Our parents had read some ACKs in their own time too. It was when we grew up and developed into consumers in our own right that we gave these comics -- probably Anant Pai's most enduring legacy to us -- the cult status we felt was their due.

Thank you for that, Uncle Pai, and for all the happy hours I've spent with my collection. You will be happy to know that my son's bookshelf holds some Tinkles and ACKs too and will hold more.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I too want to bow to Tulika for their original and amazing contribution in the field of books for kids in particular. Their books are so interesting, creative and enjoyable that it inspires our kids to want to read. That itself is a big feat.

Sparx said...

Interesting - are they in English? Always up for new kids books for Charlie!!

Sue said...

Swapna -- Tulika has been doing some amazing work. I only wish their books were cheaper so I could buy more of them!

Sparx -- A majority of them are, come to think of it. I'm sure Charlie would enjoy them.

Sparx said...

I'll make a note to look for them, thanks!