Thursday, February 17, 2011

I hate it

when the man is unreasonably nice to me. It puts him on morally superior ground and we all know how competitive I am about that space.

(While this was in draft, I came out and asked him why he was being so nice and he explained that since I was down it would only be a matter of time until I started planning to leave him, and he was hoping that if he were nice to me I'd take the boy. HAH! I take back the moral superiority. Unlike him, I was being nasty without any ulterior motive whatsoever.)


dipali said...

Absolutely priceless!!!
You just can't win:(

Anonymous said...


is this from the same man I met ?

R's Mom said...

hahahaha! Smart guy ;)

Thinking Cramps said...

Hahahaha. I echo Dipali.

Banno said...


Rimi said...

A film script, Sunny, would not do your household justice.

You're an adorable lot :-)

Sue said...

Dipali, R's Mom, Ana -- So long as I have total ownership over the moral superiority, winning and losing is beneath me. *looks smug*

Orbitbud -- Dude, do you know until a few weeks ago I hadn't the faintest idea who you were??? How about an email or something next time you change avatar, huh?

Banno -- :)

Rimi -- LOL Thanks, I'm sure!