Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I don't have any new posts

But I do have a couple of links that may interest you.

First, thoughts on Transparency and Transition by Oh, the Joys. I get where she is coming from in the second half of the post. I've been struggling with it for quite some years now myself. What's your take on it? I do have lots of posts in the archives that are in no way diplomatic and would certainly cause upheavals were they to be unearthed. But I don't delete on principle. So I just end up hoping that people who know me haven't the time to go through 900 odd blogposts filled mostly with random rubbish.

Second, I laughed my guts out at her husband's response to spam.

Lastly, a suggestion. 2007 was my best year. The highest number of posts, the most honest ones and certainly the most though-provoking ones. Just in case my thoughts on the first link made you want to dive into my archives. (If you are a member of my family I suggest that you close this window right now.)


kevin blumer said...

900 quite a few post i hope i can get to that ammount im onlu at 325 ive been going about 3 mounth like

Sue said...

Kevin -- That's quite impressive for 3 months, I'd say.